What I LIKE and what I want to SHARE this CHRISTMAS

Moms are always looking forward for Christmas. It is the day that we wanted to share to our family what we have learned in cooking during the past months. But before I share what I want to share I would like to exploit first what I like to have this Christmas.

Some of them might be simple but would be great especially if it's for my family. First I like my family to have Good Health, Wealth and a great relationship with the Lord. For my physical item I would like to have an iPad or an iPhone, some cooking utensils, hopefully a bigger house and of course some appliances for it.

For those who wants share some of their blessings I would be willingly and accept it with open arms. So I pray to have those I like to have.

For the things that I want to share... I want to share my time to those who are in need, I want to share the blessings that I'm receiving and I want to share also what I learned.

So these are my LIKE and want to SHARE this coming Christmas. To all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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