It Feels Like Christmas!

Look what showed up at my doorstep this morning! Well, I knew that they were coming but don't they look lovely even though they're still in plastic? I only have a few yards of each here but I'm in love.

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Breakfast #28: Nectarine Crumble

Truth be told, the only thing that makes this crumble breakfast is the fact that I had it for breakfast. When it comes to breakfast, I see no reason why we need to limit ourselves to what is traditionally considered to be breakfast food. What is one country’s dessert, or another country’s lunch (Filipino breakfasts have rice and meat and egg and condiments!), may be your country’s breakfast. So why even bother with the boundaries of cold cereal when breakfast can one glorious place that needs no plane or visa to get to?

Not that I have anything against cold cereal. I actually do love it (I’m serious), especially with nuts and fruits, drowning in straight-from-the-fridge milk. But if we just open our breakfast plates to other than just the usual suspects, perhaps more of us would be eating this very important meal.

This is something I threw together because I had two nectarines sitting around, on the verge of neglect, though still hopeful and tarty. I have written the recipe below with four nectarines because I ended up using only half the crumble topping for my two. You can make the full recipe below for breakfast (or dessert) for four, or do what I did: Use two nectarines and half the crumble topping...keeping the other half in the fridge for breakfast or dessert the next day, using either nectarines again or any other fruit (or mixture of fruits) you deem crumble-worthy. We had apple crumble for the next day’s dessert (I used only one apple) with the other half of the topping, wherein I substituted the vanilla below for a nice dusting of cinnamon.

Nectarine Crumble
  • 4 nectarines
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • A few drops of vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tablespoons white sugar (depending how sweet/tart your nectarines are)
  • Scant teaspoon all purpose flour
  • 50 grams butter, chilled
  • 100 grams dark muscovado sugar
  • 75 grams whole wheat pastry flour
  • 2-3 heaping tablespoons chopped walnuts or pecans (I used a combination)

- Seed and chop nectarines into chunks. Place them in a bowl with a sprinkling of lemon juice (I used less than half a lemon), a few drops of vanilla extract, the white sugar, and the teaspoon of all purpose flour, and toss to combine. Set aside and get on with the crumble topping.
- Combine butter, muscovado sugar, whole wheat pastry flour, and nuts in another bowl and rub dry ingredients into the flour with your fingers until the whole thing resembles coarse crumbs. You can use a pastry cutter but really, why bother with something more to wash in the morning?
- Place prepared nectarines in an oven-proof dish that will accommodate all of it leaving some room on top for the crumble. Alternately, you can also divide the fruit into individual dishes.
- Crumble topping over the fruit.
- Place your crumble dish (or dishes) on a baking sheet (to catch messy drips and make things easier if you are dealing with multiple dishes) and bake in a 180C/350F oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until filling is bubbling.
- Serve with yogurt or cream.
- Serves 3-4.

I brought out my whole wheat pastry flour to use in the topping, for which I bought a sack for this cake, and I must say here that although C was not too happy with the cake (though I liked it), he loved the crumble! I think the delicate touch of earthiness in the flour, echoed in the dark muscovado, and complemented by the nuts, provides a perfect rustic, comfy blanket for the sticky-sweet warm fruit! I imagine it also makes it a touch healthier than using white flour and sugar. A splodge of cream or yogurt will not go unappreciated. A scoop of vanilla ice cream if your feeling indulgent. Dairy comes in all forms my friends ;)

I made this one morning when I woke up earlier than usual and the sun was shining and everything looked fresh and promising (it rained later that day, but what better weather in which to eat warm crumble leftovers right?). It doesn’t take much time to whip this up, though you can also prepare the crumble mixture the night before and just top your fruit with it the next morning. Preparing the fruit is not something I recommend doing ahead of time though as they will brown and look generally down-trodden if you leave them for long.

I have just come back from another weekend escape, this time just a drive away, and I hope to share some photos here soon. Until then, happy breakfast everyone! :)


We had a great time on Saturday at the QUILT OUT LOUD taping! Thanks, Mark and Jodie for a terrific time. Also, thanks to Sherry Cowley [above, center] and her husband, Tim, for being fabulous hosts. Thanks to Patsy Thompson for a couple of these pics. 

From the left, above, we have Debbie Kalenty of Quilter's Obsession, me, Mark, Patsy and Jodie. 

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Quilt Out Loud

I'm so excited! This weekend I'm filming with the Quilt Out Loud crew. Who are they? My friend, Mark Lipinski, and Jodie Davis, are co-hosting, Quilt Out Loud! It's a fun and new quilting show on QNNtv. Check it out the promo video here and then check out the show when it starts in July!!!
Don't forget my giveaway. Don't be shy! Lurkers are welcome! I hope that I don't have the same blogging problems as I did last time. My background blogging information has been weird and wonky in the two days and I got a bit worried. Blogger has been giving me some problems in the past few months and some have e-mailed to let me know that they can't post. In fact, it is giving me trouble right now. I can't seem to get that spacing at the beginning of this paragraph. It just won't let me no matter how I try. Any help would be appreciated. No answer here but trying to figure it out. A little while back, I was thinking about leaving Blogger and just continuing my inspiration journal on my blog but I enjoy writing this blog. I hope that you like reading this personal blog of mine. xo, L

June/ July Issue of Button Magazine!

**(Images from Button Magazine)**

Horray!! An interview with Paper Treasure and other local jewelry designers is featured in the summer issue of Button Magazine along with photos of my jewelry!

You can view Button free online at:

In other summer news:

* Noun has a large selection of brand new Paper Treasure jewelry. (

*Paper Treasure jewelry is no longer available at Seaplane.

Historically Low Tide

On Tuesday, there was an historically low tide along the Oregon coast. My friend Laura and I left at 5am to drive to Cannon beach to check it out. We were not sure what to expect... Apparently at some beaches there were exposed shipwrecks and at others there were wildly exposed tidepools. Even though I grew up on the East coast right on the ocean, I'd never experienced anything like this! It was really breathtaking to get a glimpse at what's normally hidden far below the surface of the water. Besides the massive starfish and sea anenomes, crabs, shrimp, various little fish, clams, muscles and barnacles, I was introduced to a mysterious creature called the nudibranch (which is a basically a really gorgeous sea slug with many different varieties). We had breakfast and explored a less populated section of beach. Stopped at an antique store and ate fresh strawberries in a field of daisies. All in all, a fantastic day of adventure with Laura and her awesome dog, Moo.

Now Available at Flutter!

A large collection of brand new Paper Treasure jewelry is now available at the ever-so-amazing Flutter! (
*photos taken by Flutter

Jewelry Cases at Flutter

Check it out... Flutter just got a make-over. The shop has been majorly re-arranged with all sorts of new goodies. Since my lovely friend Kalaisha is getting involved there I went over to help out. I was given the assignment of creating the jewelry displays which couldn't have been more perfect for me. (
*photos taken by Flutter

What Are You Doing This Summer? [Giveaway Too!]

*Update: Giveaway extended for another week or so because the fabric isn't here yet. I'll let you know when I'll close the entries.

School's finished! Yahoo! What a relief! We had so much going on in the last two weeks of school, that I was soooooo close to running away and joining the circus. We had activities and award celebrations at both schools, tae kwon do tests and ceremonies, music recitals and of course, work. Does anyone else feel this crazy at the end of the year?

Big A's class made Father's Day cards and I cut the ties for them out of fabric. So cute, don't you think? His teacher, Mrs. S, is showing off all of their beautiful work.

Where have I been? I decided on a spur of the moment trip to Toronto. I needed to just rest my brain and get some inspiration. There's lots of stuff happening in the next month for work and homestuff so getting away was the perfect remedy. I should be getting my fabric in the next few weeks. Yay! So let's say that we have a little contest? Tell me what you're going to do this summer. You can leave a comment here or my website, e-mail me, or comment of Facebook. Everyone will be included in the drawing! Let your friends know! When my fabric comes in, you'll get a fat quarter of each design and a couple of my books. We'll end this contest this Saturday and I'll announce it Sunday. Have fun! xo, L

Weekend Escape: Sirangan Resort, Sorsogon

Another week has gone by, despite my all best, chocolate-covered, intentions of coming here and sharing the wonderful escape we had last weekend.

How we did absolutely nothing but lie in incredibly squashy lounge chairs, take dips in the pool and sea, have naps in our white canopy bed, and sigh contentedly at doing absolutely nothing away from absolutely everything.

How the place we found to hide away was filled with a charming, eclectic mix of faded rugs, native lamps, grandfather chairs, chandeliers, and an old-school snooker table.

How there was only one other couple there, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Aside from a saucy little kitty with a gold collar and a friendly bunch of dogs who watched over us. And two adorable puppies.

How they had their own organic herb and vegetable garden with the hand painted signs in Spanish.

How the manager is also the cook and she made us freshly baked bread every morning.

How we hardly looked at the menu...just chatted with the cook every day about what was the fresh catch, whether we should have prawns or crabs or fish (we had all three), how we should prepare our spanking fresh seafood, and what vegetables to pair with it – all we had to do is sit back and enjoy awesome meals on a terrace fronting the sea, with nothing but distant islands and a few fishermen’s boats dotted about.

How we made a mess of the tablecloth while eating the crabs.

How I finally saw Mayon Volcano!

How there was fresh flowers all around, even if we were practically the only ones there.

How many avocado shakes I had.

How, despite it being rainy season, the only time it rained was when we napped.

How I really wish we could’ve stayed longer.

Hope these photos give you an idea...happy weekend kind folk!

Last Day Of School!

School's out! Yippee! Now we can relax and enjoy sticky popsicles upside down! xo, L

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, ...

No, it's Mr. S!  At night, he's Batman, but by day, he's Mr. S, the Letter People Superhero. Batman can't smile or else the villains won't be scared of him but apparently, Mr. S is your neighborhood friendly hero. 

Have a great day to all who celebrate Letter People Day! xo, L

Day Out In Clinton

We had a fun day out on Saturday in our town. There was a little environmental fair at the Red Mill and since the weather was finally nice, we ventured out. Every year there's a contest to see who has the best dressed shop. My favorites never disappoint!

Over the bridge and to the Red Mill. Ooooh, Mommy, can you come here for a sec? Yeah, there's this iguana that I wouldn't mind having.

I'd rather have this little guy, thank you very much. Cute as a button. Every knitter should love the one with the funky haircut. It's a suri alpaca and the last one is a llama.

The scenery was fine and there were canoe rides too. My baby's thought on paddling with Mom? "I thought that I was going to die."

Super hero Letter S will make his debut next. xo, L


Here we are going into the last week of school. Whoo! Hoo! I am frantically making these fun crochet squares to make a pillow for our little friend, Isabella for her birthday party. The pattern is courtesy of Rose Hip. They're fun and addicting.

I've been making these little pouches for year end gifts. Fun too and so practical.

Here's a better pic of the hanging. When I took this photo, the rain was coming down hard this morning. Sun's peaking out a bit now. Yeah!

Big A wanted me to show you a couple of his zoo photos yesterday. You wouldn't think that it had poured buckets of rain while they were there.

Have a great weekend! I know that I will. A little birdie told me that I will get my hands on some of my Inspiration line soon. Very, very, soon. xo, L

Camping Adventure

I just got back from a really great camping adventure with some work buddies. We stayed at Lost Lake for two days and had a great spot with a view of the Lake. We got caught in some rain which we were pretty unprepared for and there was still snow in places (so much for the bathing suite I packed!). We cooked A LOT, hung out by the fire and explored all around the Lake... It was such a good getaway!