A Journaling Project... Maybe

I have never kept a successful journal in my life.  Even in my Advanced Directing class, I could not complete the journal project that accompanied all the scene work I was doing with my actors.  I finally went to my awesome professor and said, "I'm so sorry, but I am a terrible journal keeper.  Can I do something else instead?"  I love having open-minded profs who say "Yes."  I couldn't keep a journal when a grade and a degree depended on it, so why am I revisiting the topic now?

Because I read this article via Sal at Already Pretty (LOVE HER).  It has stayed with me for almost five months now (a long time for someone who cannot remember what she ate for breakfast yesterday).  Five months of thinking, "This could be really good for me."  Which then turned into, "This could really be good for me and for my friends."  So I looped in three of my best girlfriends.  On September 1, we are beginning our journals and following along with this crazy, inspiring, brilliantly written book.  I have had a copy for a month and have been flipping through it and reading all of the wonderful journal prompts and I CANNOT WAIT TO WRITE.  I cannot wait to discover me, to empower me, to view myself as I really am and not how I interpret myself to be. 

I get down on myself ... it happens.  I think everyone does it - I've yet to meet a person whose biggest critic lived outside of their body.  Maybe a year of writing positively about myself, about my body and about my mind will improve how I view the world and my place in it.  If nothing else, I think it is an excellent way to keep things fresh for a year- a new day, a new page, a new prompt. 

And who knows?  Maybe there is a journal keeper lurking inside of me somewhere :)

Yay for everyone who will be joining the Meg/Mena/Debi/Oona NYC PARTAY!  There is a huge bubble of joy inside of me :)   If you didn't see the other epic posts, check out Debi's here and Oona's here!!

Have a most fantastic night, all!! 

Fun with Fused Glass

Our summer workshop series has now ended. We really enjoyed teaching and creating with different groups of people in the studio over the past few months. The fused glass art panel workshop was a popular choice and it was exciting to see the beautiful work that participants created. Here's a glimpse of a few workshops we did.

Participants choosing glass colours for their art panel

Ines measuring a piece of glass

Ines chose beautiful shades of blue for her piece
along with corded clear glass and an Asian symbol representing
good fortune and happiness to be carved into glass with kiln paper

Jennifer cuts different colours of glass to fit the design
she made on grid paper

Jennifer used blues and greens along with
beautiful specialty glass to create a panel she will put on a vase

Lois grinds a piece of glass to make the edges smoother

Lois chose rich shades of red, orange and red

specialty glass, black stringers,

and glass circles to make a framed art piece

Josie and Johanna work on designing and choosing
colours for their glass piece

Johanna chose beautiful red, orange and peach
shades for her fused glass panel

Josie chose a combination of blues, browns
and specialty glass for her panel. The dragonflies
are punched out of kiln paper, and put underneath
the panel when firing so that when the glass is hot, the
dragonfly shape will be impressed into the glass. This technique
is called kiln carving.

For most of the participants, this was their first time working with fused glass. Angie and I were very excited to see what beautiful panels could be created as a first time project! If you are looking for some opportunities to learn and create, we hope you will consider joining us in our next workshop series!

We will be in the studio full time in the upcoming weeks getting ready for the Mary Allen Studio Tour which takes place the weekend of September 24th and 25th. Brochures for the tour are located at Vincenzo's, Waterloo Public Library, Wordsworth Books, and many venues in Waterloo and surrounding area. We hope you'll take the time to drop by and see us and visit various local artisans that weekend!


September 30. New York City.  Make it happen, Friends!

*EDIT* MENA TROTT IS COMING, YA'LL!!!!!  This is a very big deal. For reals.

We are targeting a late morning/early afternoon picnic in the one and only Central Park, fabric shopping (because we are all fashionistas, of course), and then dinner someplace amazing.

If you are game, leave a comment with a good email address to reach you at, and we will be sending you the details :)

Happy Sunday!!


(Author Karl May dressed as Old Shatterhand)

Winnetou, the Mescalero Apache chief created by German Western writer Karl May well over a century ago, may have a new life onscreen. Virtually unknown in the United States, where they are set, the tales of Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Old Surehand and Old Firehand are among the most beloved and oft-read stories in the non-English-speaking world. But they’ve rarely been translated into English.

In the 1960s, the tremendously successful series of Winnetou films based on the books, made my Germans in what is now Croatia, were the start of the European, later Spaghetti, western film industry. All starring Pierre Brice as Winnetou, and most starring Lex Barker as Shatterhand, the mostly European casts included Rod Cameron, Stewart Granger, Guy Madison and Mario Girroti, later known as Terence Hill.

The shooting locations are the site of annual pilgrimages (see my article WINNETOU-PALOOZA HERE)
and various German television versions have been made over the years. Now the German film mini-major Constantin Film announces that they’ve signed Michael Blake, who scripted DANCES WITH WOLVES from his own novel, to adapt WINNETOU. Intended to shoot next year in New Mexico, it would be the first time one of May’s stories was filmed near its geographical setting. Incidentally, May did visit the U.S. once, in 1908, and despite frequent claims to the contrary, he wrote at least one more Western, WINNETOU IV, after the sojourn. Incidentally, there are other Winnetou projects in the works – the property is in public domain – and I’ll tell you more when I know more.


You may remember that the previous Round-up was devoted to the proposition that Westerns are NOT dead in spite of industry disappointment at COWBOYS & ALIENS’s box-office take (currently $110 million!). Speaking of bloated budgets, I said, “We’ll have to wait and see how ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER does with its $70,000,000 outlay. As a Paramount Pictures insider put it to me, it’s a movie that should be made. But it should be made by The Asylum for $250,000.”

I just heard from The Asylum partner and production honcho David Latt: “Hey Henry! Thanks for the suggestion...and you'll be happy (sad?) to know that ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES is already in the works. Ours will cost less than $70 million. Promise.” And I bet I’ll enjoy their’s more.


Events have been going on all summer around the country. Roy’s actual 100th birthday will be on November 5th, and the summer is a whole lot more convenient a time to celebrate. What promises to be a terrific event will be taking place Saturday, August 27th at Roy and Dale’s old Double R Bar Ranch in Victorville. Among those taking part in the festivities will be Roy’s daughter Mimi Rogers and grand-daughter Julie Ashley Pemilla, actors Dick Jones, Ty Hardin, Hugh O’Brien, Andrew Prine, Bo Hopkins, Dan Haggerty, Donna Martell, Darby Hinton and Beverly Washburn, and authors Julia Ann Ream and Charlie LeSueur. For all the particulars, go HERE.


Also on Saturday, August 27th, at 2:00 p.m., the Autry will celebrate Roy Rogers’s 100th birthday with a special screening of Bells of San Angelo (1947). It features Roy, Dale, Andy Devine, David Sharpe, and of course, Trigger. It’s directed by William Witney from a Sloan Nibley screenplay. There will also be a discussion about the Autry’s efforts to conserve the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Archive.


Spain’s fabled location of hundreds of Spaghetti Westerns will play host to the ALMERIA WESTERN FILM FESTIVAL September 8th through the 11th. In addition to screenings of TRUE GRIT and RANGO, here are some of the films which will be featured: BLACKTHORN, starring Sam Shepherd as Butch Cassidy, living in Bolivia under the name of James Blackthorn. GOODNIGHT FOR JUSTICE, a new western directed by Jason Priestly and starring his BEVERLY HILLS 90210 costar Luke Perry. THE MOUNTIE, a north-of-the-border tale starring Andrew Walker as a lone man in red who comes to clean up a corrupt town. THE WARRIOR’S WAY stars Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, and Dong-gun Jang, who plays a warrior/assassin hiding out in the American Badlands. THE SCARLET WORM, starring Spaghetti Western vets Brett Halsey and Dan van Husen. THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED, about ‘49ers getting Zombified. The festival jury will be presided over by actor Fabio Testi (FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE) and director Eugenio Martin (BAD MAN’S RIVER). For more information, go to the official website HERE. http://www.almeriawesternfilmfestival.info/home.html


For 47 years the Cinecon Classic Film Festival has been a Labor Day tradition for Hollywood movie-lovers. Based at the Egyptian Theatre, the screenings and shopping at discussions start on Thursday, August 1st and end on Monday, August 5th. Among the highlights will be Q&As, by Julie Adams on Thursday at 8:35 pm; Jimmy Lydon on Saturday at 4:53 pm (I’m not making these times up); and Fay McKenzie on Sunday at 5:53 pm, following a to-be-announced Gene Autry film.

It’s almost hopeless trying to pick movie highlights because the range is so wide and eclectic. Western fans will be delighted to see the Civil War story THE COWARD (1915) from Ince Triangle Kaybee, just after noon on Monday, the western BLAZING DAYS (1927) directed by William Wyler on Thursday at 9:10 pm, but you’ll really need to visit their site to plan your time. The cost is $100 for the entire event, or $25 to $30 a day (some days are longer than others). Get all the details HERE.



And speaking of TCM, have I mentioned that the segment I was interviewed for is now viewable here?


Built by cowboy actor, singer, baseball and TV entrepeneur Gene Autry, and designed by the Disney Imagineering team, the Autry is a world-class museum housing a fascinating collection of items related to the fact, fiction, film, history and art of the American West. In addition to their permenant galleries (to which new items are frequently added), they have temporary shows. The Autry has many special programs every week -- sometimes several in a day. To check their daily calendar, CLICK HERE. And they always have gold panning for kids every weekend. For directions, hours, admission prices, and all other information, CLICK HERE.


Across the street from the Hollywood Bowl, this building, once the headquarters of Lasky-Famous Players (later Paramount Pictures) was the original DeMille Barn, where Cecil B. DeMille made the first Hollywood western, The Squaw Man. They have a permanent display of movie props, documents and other items related to early, especially silent, film production. They also have occasional special programs. 2100 Highland Ave., L.A. CA 323-874-2276. Thursday – Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. $5 for adults, $3 for senior, $1 for children.


This small but entertaining museum gives a detailed history of Wells Fargo when the name suggested stage-coaches rather than ATMS. There’s a historically accurate reproduction of an agent’s office, an original Concord Coach, and other historical displays. Open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. Admission is free. 213-253-7166. 333 S. Grand Street, L.A. CA.


A staggering number of western TV episodes and movies are available, entirely free, for viewing on your computer at HULU. You do have to sit through the commercials, but that seems like a small price to pay. The series available -- often several entire seasons to choose from -- include THE RIFLEMAN, THE CISCO KID, THE LONE RANGER, BAT MASTERSON, THE BIG VALLEY, ALIAS SMITH AND JONES, and one I missed from 2003 called PEACEMAKERS starring Tom Berenger. Because they are linked up with the TV LAND website, you can also see BONANZA and GUNSMOKE episodes, but only the ones that are running on the network that week.

The features include a dozen Zane Grey adaptations, and many or most of the others are public domain features. To visit HULU on their western page, CLICK HERE.


Every weekday, TV LAND airs a three-hour block of BONANZA episodes from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They run a GUNSMOKE Monday through Thursday at 10:00 a.m., and on Friday they show two, from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.. They're not currently running either series on weekends, but that could change at any time.


Check out your cable system for WHT, which stands for World Harvest Television. It's a religious network that runs a lot of good western programming. Your times may vary, depending on where you live, but weekdays in Los Angeles they run DANIEL BOONE at 1:00 p.m., and two episodes of THE RIFLEMAN from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.. On Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. it's THE RIFLEMAN again, followed at 2:30 by BAT MASTERSON. And unlike many stations in the re-run business, they run the shows in the original airing order. There's an afternoon movie on weekdays at noon, often a western, and they show western films on the weekend, but the schedule is sporadic.

RFD-TV has begun airing THE ROY ROGERS SHOW on Sundays at 9:00 a.m., with repeats the following Thursday and Saturday.

Also, AMC has started showing two episodes of THE RIFLEMAN on Saturday mornings.

That's it for this week! In the next week or two I'll have the story of my visit to the GANG OF ROSES II set at Paramount Ranch!

Happy Trails,


All Contents Copyright August 2011 by Henry C. Parke -- All Rights Reserved

Breakfast #45: Soft Boiled Eggs with Truffle Oil and Mushroom Salt


It’s been a while since I have been on my breakfast soapbox here, so allow me to once again wax evangelical about my favorite meal. You all know how breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, I am sure. It’s been a constant refrain of a million cereal commercials and mothers all around the world. So, I won’t bother repeating it…although it seems I just did.


I’m here to tell you that breakfast can be your best friend. It is exactly what you need at the beginning of your day, when the carnival of “the whole world” and all its demands/wonders/foibles has not yet made its way to you. It can be that rah-rah-rah that gets you going. It can be that comforting hug that tells you that this too shall pass. It can be the buttressing you need to get through an especially trying workday. It can be the elixir that lets you move mountains/change the world/answer 100 emails/do the laundry.

When I say breakfast, I don’t just mean what you eat, but also the time you take to eat it. Giving yourself a dedicated moment (no matter how long or short – I prefer long and luxurious, but I am aware that we do live in the real world majority of the time) to start your engine can be just as important as what you use to start it.

What’s that you say? You’re not a morning person? Well, let me tell you, with much resolution, neither am I. I hold a PhD in sleep and have, in the past, spent a good part of my life waking up at noon. But I can promise you, in all sincerity, that it is worth it. It really sets the tone for my day, gets me started confident and raring to go, instead of rushing forth blindly, blouse untucked, without plan or compass. It also keeps me from getting to lunch time starving, devouring the closest thing at hand, whether that be a week-old serving of Spam or 3 stale Krispy Kreme donuts.

Believe you me, breakfast is in all our best interests. Take the time to enjoy it. Here’s another way how.

Soft Boiled Eggs with Truffle Oil and Mushroom Salt (and toast soldiers)

  • 2 eggs (the best you can find/afford)
  • A drizzle of truffle oil, to taste
  • A sprinkling of mushroom salt, to taste
  • Toast soldiers, to serve
- Cook your eggs soft boiled using your preferred soft-boiling method. I won’t claim to have the best or sure-fire way of doing this. It’s a much-debated topic that I won’t get into here. If you’d like to know though, this is how we do it: I place the 2 eggs in room temperature water in a small pan, then place on high heat for about 5-7 minutes. I like my soft boiled very soft…just-set whites and gloriously runny yolks-gone-wild!

- While your eggs are cooking, make your toast soldiers. Toast a slice of bread, and then cut lengthways into 4 strips. You can butter these if you wish, but I forwent the butter since I used truffle oil in the eggs. A moment of uncharacteristic restraint….who knew?

- When your eggs are done, peel the tops off gently and scoop the eggs into a small bowl or cup.

- Drizzle truffle oil over the eggs and sprinkle with mushroom salt. Mix and taste…adjust seasoning. Consume immediately!

You can dunk the soldiers in the eggs or, as I love to do, just toss the soldiers into the eggs and press them down until all the egg is absorbed and the bread is a soggy mess of truffle-mushroom egginess!


Although we would all benefit, both health-wise and in taste, from buying free range eggs, their rich flavorful yolks are most especially enjoyed in preparations like these. So do spring for them if you can! The mushroom salt I chanced upon at one of my favorite stores, owned and operated by friends who are passionate about all things local and sustainable. You can check it out here. If you are in Manila I highly recommend a visit…it’s a charming general store type gem offering all sorts of locally sourced goodies. Bring your own containers if you want to stock up on salt and rice. I love the subasta cacao, any of the sea salts, and the lemongrass hand wash.

I hope this has inspired you somewhat, even just a little bit, to go and set your alarm clock a smidgen earlier, and celebrate breakfast! Rise and shine everyone! :)

Bailey Love

Meet Bailey...my first dog and for whom my first dog cookies are named. You would love him too. A great guy.

Bunches & Bunches Dog

The evolution of my dog cookies and the beautiful packaging... from Yael Miller at Miller Creative LLC. You can purchase Bailey's Biscuits from my online store or from several shops around the country.

Summer In The City

I love the farmers market...took this photo of delicious summer berries in Portland today.

We're Doing Another Holiday (maybe)

Yeah, so, this then. Mon us! Mon Japan!

I'm Bringing Zesty Back

Hello, Friends! 

I got a lovely email from a reader asking if I had any suggestions about getting the zestiness back.  I thought I might share some of the ways I reclaimed my sanity and my life with all of you in case anyone else was interested. (I apologize ahead of time for the wordiness of the post - I did try and add awesome quotes to break it up a little.  Regular sewing posts to return tomorrow!!)

*Note: I am not a zesty guru.  I welcome any and all comments/suggestions!*

via Pinterest
1.  Try something new.  It could be as simple as taking a new route to work, eating a new kind of condiment on your sandwich, or doing your hair differently for the day.  Download the free iTunes song of the week, try lemon tea if you typically drink English Breakfast, find a motto for your workout (I like "This is my sexy face"), or paint your toenails a new color.

 My first full year in Chicago, I decided to write down all the new things I did.  I made an entire list, and I believe the full amount would come to about 400 new things tried in one year.  Some of the things were as basic as trying a new kind of cheesecake or taking a train line I've not been on before, and some were a little more extensive, like walking out of a job where I was being bullied (I had given notice and had another job starting the next week) or figuring out what a 401K is.  Writing everything down gave me a chance to revisit all of those memories while making me feel like I had accomplished a ton in one year. 

Whenever I feel like I am in a rut, I add new things to my schedule.  I buy a Groupon for a restaurant I haven't eaten in before, or I try a new class at the workout studio I go to, or I do some instant gratification sewing (taking in a t-shirt, putting a zipper in a bag, etc).  These little things help keep things fresh and interesting for me, and also give me new things to talk about when I come into contact with other life forms :) 

via Pinterest
 2.  Set goals for yourself.  Inspired by this little tidbit about Carlos Santana, the uber fabulous musician, I decided this year to set two goals for myself: learn basic French and learn to knit.  Last week, I had saved up enough money for French language classes at a French cultural center near my apartment and I sat down on Friday and taught myself to knit.  It's not pretty, and it's just the knit stitch over and over, but I am super proud of it just the same.

via Pinterest

I look at goals as something completely different from resolutions.  With resolutions, you are resolving to do something, and usually, it's giving something up or changing habits.  I think there is also quite a bit of guilt if you don't succeed, or I may just be speaking for myself.  In my mind, there is an overwhelming societal pressure to change myself when the New Year comes to call.  I want to start afresh, and if I somehow fail, well, then this year was no better than last.  I've already strayed from my resolution, so why not give up on it altogether?  Goals give me a little leeway - I can start eight months into the year and still have it accomplished by December - thus, reaching my goal for this year.  I like flexibility.  Goals, for me, also mean creating new habits.  I look at goals as a way to improve myself through learning and new experiences (learning French, learning how to knit), while I look at resolutions as a way to improve myself by changing what habits are already there (nail biting, procrastination, saving money, etc).

I view resolutions and goals as a hike up a hill.  With resolutions, you start out at the peak but need to remain on that peak in spite of snow, rain, honey badgers, and mosquitoes.  With goals, you are working past those things to reach the peak - there is a journey involved.  Resolutions, to me, involve arriving at the end point without having the background to stay there.  Resolutions and goals are both difficult, but not unachievable. 

via Pinterest

3.  Set resolutions, but only set two at a time.  I used to overwhelm myself with trying to change everything I didn't like NOW.  I wanted to be healthier, drink more water, stop biting my nails, remember birthdays, stop procrastinating, and be nicer to everyone in general.  I was defeated before I began because I was setting my sights too wide.  So this year, I have one resolution: I will not purchase manufactured clothing from a store or website (aside from running clothes); I will make/remake only.  I have pretty much stuck to this resolution aside from the t-shirt I bought for myself for my birthday ... and there was plenty of guilt involved with that.
4. Let go of the negativity in your life.  This is so much easier said than done, but once done, you may notice a difference in your life.  This one was particularly hard for me because it meant admitting that some of the relationships in my life were toxic.  I have enough negativity happening around me every day in the world that to allow it in my personal bubble was just too much.  I want to be surrounded by positivity as much as possible.

via Pinterest

I started by going through my Facebook friends and assessing which ones made me feel good about myself and which ones did not.  Unfortunately, the ones who did not included family members and friends who I have known for years.  I deleted these people, and then I blocked them from seeing me on Facebook again.  In my mind, it was like putting up a mental wall that said, "Your presence is not welcome in my life.  I don't need the drama or anguish anymore.  I'm starting over."  Some of the people asked why I did it, and I told them how I viewed our relationship, but most didn't notice.  And that's ok, too.

Eliminating negativity meant I had to be honest with myself.  It also meant I had to be honest with others, no matter how awkward the conversation.  Trust me, those were some pretty awkward conversations!  In the end, though, I knew I had to take care of me and my mental and emotional health.  I am important.  These are important things.

via Imgfave

Friends, all of these things I've listed above are what I used to improve my quality of life, to get my "zestiness" back.  I cannot say that these will work for everyone, but these were my cornerstones on my path back to happiness.

Please leave any suggestions you have, or any comments/points of view below!  I love to read about all of you and your experiences :)

Happy Wednesday!

Getting Married? Watch "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi!"

Talk about dream wedding, the ringing of the bells, the cute little flower girls and ring bearer, the admired wedding gown with long trails, and the shining wedding rings are just few of the essential things that every bride dreams of. Yes, I do dream of having an extravagant wedding but with the situation it seems that what matters most are the ties between the couple.

Yes, there are arguments, quarrels, and misunderstandings during the preparation and I don’t know how many times did we experience that but what’s good about it is the aftermath. We ended up agreeing in one thing that is to continue the marriage and the promise of being together till death do us part.

The Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi is about wedding preparations and the stories behind the arrangements. Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi is a comedy offering from Star Cinema and OctoArts Films. Starred by Toni Gonzaga and Zanjoe Marudo together with Eugene Domingo and Wendell Ramos. This is directed by none other than one of the best directors Jose Javier Reyes.

Wedding Tayo Wedding Hindi opens nationwide on August 31!

Sew Weekly Challenge: That 70's Sew or "A Disco Dame's Romper Refashion"

Rompers are where it is at, ya'll... until that is no longer where it is at.  For the time being, we are going to pretend that rompers will always be in fashion and I have not made something that will be torn apart by Anna Wintour in two months.

Here we have a romper pattern cover from the 1970s, proving that these particular styles do come around once every ten to fifteen years.  I like to think that I am striking while the iron is hot, though I do enjoy the idea that I'll be whipping this baby back out in 2026.

 The pattern I used was a bit more modern than the one seen above: McCalls 6332.  I bought it on a whim, but then I found the perfect fabric...
I had this fabulous blue linen skirt in my possession, courtesy of Mama Grand.  I knew it was my romper, looking for a new home. 

Finally, after six months of sewing an occasional seam here and there, it was finished:

I had a very limited amount of fabric to work with, so the halter straps have been pieced together.  The pattern called for an exposed zipper down the front.  I completely disregarded this and put a zipper in the side.  I do not want people's first impression of my epic romper to be influenced by a sketchy zipper.

Gimme that night fever, night fever ... I know how to show it.

I LOVE the back.  It scoops down pretty low, so we are going sans bra with this one.  I don't mind - the straps hold everything in their rightful place.  I am a big fan of the huge enormous bow! The shorts are a little shorter than the pattern calls for, but this is due to the limited fabric.  I like the moment when I went to piece it all together and the front short pieces were three inches longer than the back.  Oy vey!

My least favorite part of this outfit might just be those shorts.  I have two large scars on my upper thigh from getting two moles removed, and the length of these shorts shows the scars off pretty well.  Aside from that, I like the way my legs look in this outfit.  And that is saying A LOT.

Overall, I like how it turned out.  When I was trying to finish it up for this challenge, I kept telling myself not to give up on it yet, and I am glad I didn't.  The weather here has been PERFECT lately, so hopefully it sticks around for a few more weeks while I get some miles out of this linen wonder.

This is my real life friend, Stephy.  She was rooting me on from the sidelines during the photo shoot.  She's awesome like that.  Of course, my fabulous photographer is awesome too (yes, I am talking about YOU, you big silly panda).

Tell me, Friends ... have you ever made something that was immediately trendy but maybe didn't have any staying power?  Should I just come to grips with the fact that this pattern might win an ugly pattern contest in the next year?

Let me know - I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

PS.  Thank you for all of your lovely comments on "Zest for Life."  I sincerely hope each of you is happy in your everyday endeavors, and I so appreciate you being here as a part of mine!

Bloggy hugs all around :)

The Clear Result

Nowadays, people need to be evident in all walks of life. Particularly in us, we need to know more how to be noticeable. One of the important things to boast ones self-confident is to make ourselves beautiful in and out. Hair gives us additional points to feel that we are beautiful. For me having a beautiful hair is very important.

I have a straight hair and I am very lucky about it. Unfortunately, I’m not exempted to the dreading problem of dandruff. I know that most of the Filipinos, dandruff is the main big problem whether male or female. Secondly, hair fall and I do experience it also. Sometime my officemates notice that I have hair fall. Though my hair looks good and doesn’t need much treatment, it still needs to be taken care very much.

So in order to cope up with that problem, I look and choose for some shampoos and conditioner that will treat my hair. Sometimes, I bought different hair care products, one shampoo for dandruff, one for hair fall and one for strengthening my hair. So, imagine the bulk of hair care products.

My hair is my most beautiful asset, I could say that my husband falls in love with my hair. Hahaha. I remember when I visited one of the parlors in our place just for a trim. One of the staff who cut my hair suggested trying some hair treatment because the end of my hair is dry, he added that I have a beautiful straight hair and it’s so shiny and soft. Those are the qualities of my hair, that’s the reason why I don’t want to try any treatment. Some say my hair is still “virgin” on any treatment and it is true. Even though my hair is like that I’m still caught with my dilemma of treating my hair.

I thought actors and actresses doesn’t experience the hair problem that I’m experience but it seems that even the glamorous and well known stars like Bea and Piolo also suffer from the dreaded hair problem. “I’ve had the chance to work with some of the best hairstylists in the country. Even with their expert help, it’s still different if you have healthy, manageable hair,” Bea declared. “Stylists can only do so much to make hair look its best in front of the camera. Good thing I have CLEAR shampoo who does the all the hard work for me.”

CLEAR works where no stylist can go. It is specially formulated to zero in on the scalp where hair problems occur. If not nourished properly, the scalp becomes dry, itchy and flaky. Not only that; Hair lacks that shimmer and strength, making hair fall becomes apparent. For someone like Bea who’s always in the public eye, being caught with dandruff is big no-no. Neither can she afford to have falling hair.

To supply her hair and scalp with the nourishment it needs, Bea turns to New CLEAR for Women and its breakthrough formula that solves dandruff, scalp dryness and hair fall. New CLEAR for Women contains Nutrium 10, a technologically advanced formulation that nourishes the scalp three layers deep at epidermal layer so dandruff is arrested right from the roots rather than simply washing away these unwanted flakes. New CLEAR for Women is also rich in vitamins and nutrients to bring back that luster and promote stronger hair fiber. It has more nourishing ingredients and it leaves your hair 3x stronger vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand.

“It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can face my fans with confidence,” Piolo shared. “I don’t have to constantly check for signs of dandruff and falling hair, thanks to CLEAR Men.”

Understanding the different nature of men’s scalp, New CLEAR Men is formulated with Pro Nutrium 10 and is 3x more effective at fighting dandruff at source, vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand, and provides longer lasting anti-dandruff protection vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. It also leaves your hair 3x stronger vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand.

Together with New CLEAR for Women, New CLEAR Men delivers the knock-out TOTAL 3 results that men and women look for in their shampoo –No Dandruff. No Dryness. Less Hair Fall for Women and No Dandruff. No Itch. Less Hair Fall for Men.

“It was CLEAR then, it is CLEAR now”, says Piolo. “Why switch? Dito na ako sa only shampoo that has given my hair and scalp all the best care it deserves”, adds Bea.

With the words from known stars it made me decide to try what Clear can do to my hair. At first I didn’t notice it immediately because I’m used to having my hair straight. Then my officemates and friends noticed something different from my hair and add to that I noticed that I rarely see hair falls. I think a few weeks of using Clear did make a good result on me.

Now I can do often to my husband what Cameron Diaz did in Charlie's Angels, flipping my hair glamorously. Of course I'll let my husband use Clear for men also so he could experience what I did.