Wangfu Chinese Cafe at Il Terrazzo

New Year, new challenges, new experiences and New Food????

Well, mommy loves preparing foods for the family, unfortunately there are times that you need to venture for new taste, new delicacies and new preparation or set up of food.  Most of the time, I, myself crave for something different, a new taste of food. Gladly that I was invited for an event and take note it's a food tasting event.  Just the right time when I'm craving for something new.

The place was called Wangfu Chinese Cafe and it is found at Il Terrazzo Mall in Tomas Morato.  It's just around the place of Tomas Morato where most of the best places in the metro are located, by the way Tomas Morato is in Quezon City.   What's surprising about the place is that it can easily be spotted.

Wangfu Chinese Cafe restaurant that serves Singaporean and Cantonese cuisine in a modern cafe. According to the Owner, they have two (2) meaning for the restaurants name Wangfu.  For the literal Chinese meaning, "Wang" means King or Prince while the "Fu" means Place, so Wangfu literally means the Place of a King or Prince.  The other meaning or where it is taken is from the Chinese surname of both owner which "Wang" and still the "Fu" as a place or venue.  When put together defines as Wang's Place. 

Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork

It was really an OMG! because my tummy was full that day.  My eyes grew big when I saw the foods served to us and they were amazingly tasteful.  I love trying and tasting different food of different country it gives me a sense of being into that place.  Isn't it nice thinking like that?

The Cereal Prawns

Beef Curry

Well, we were served with different dishes and I'll start with the Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork which I could say was the blockbuster in our table, there were no leftover.  The next one is the Hainanese Chicken, unfortunately I am not a fan of poached dishes and I want my dish cooked well and done.
 Next is the Soy Chicken, this is somewhat nice on my taste bud. I like it!  Followed by the Curry Beef or is it Beef Curry not really sure how it was called.  What I like about beef that it was so tender and the curry was so light.  I love using curry when I am cooking, I want large amount of it on my dish. If you're not a fan of the curry, well, Wangfu's Beef Curry is the best for you because of its mild curry flavor.  This next one is new to me, the Cereal Prawns. It is coated with cereals, it tasted sweet and I loved it!  Not just because I really love shrimp but because this is something new on my taste bud.  French Beans Stir Fry, I don't eat vegetables that much but beans is one of the vegetables that I like to eat.  This beans of Wangfu was good with a kick of spicyness in it.

Soy Chicken


French Beans Stir Fry

Oh before I forgot, the drinks that I ordered was the Honey Peach Freeze which taste so good.  I like the sweetness and I'll definitely order that drinks again when I visit Wangfu.

Traditional Ice Kachang

Another food that I'm going to order again is the Traditional Ice Kachang.  It was also the blockbuster in our table.  Well, my friend reacted when she saw it in my FB status, she said that she missed eating Kachang she last ate one when she was still in Singapore.   I told her that she should visit Wangfu in Tomas Morate, Quezon City if she want to experience it again.

So, readers if you want to have a something new for your taste bud, better visit Wangfu Chinese Cafe to experience Singaporean Delicacies.

Fab Finds

In an age when there are a million online shops and flash sale sites, I love that Fab is a fabulous destination for one stop shopping. They have vintage and new products for men, women, children, pets, your name it, they've got it.  These are just a few of my new favorite Fab finds.  

As someone who wears pearl earrings every day, I think it might be time for a change.  I’m loving these jasper druzy stone earrings set in gold above.  They also coordinate with all my grey winter clothes. 

I recently found a vintage zebra rug for my apartment but a great alternative is this 100% cowhide zebra rug.  It probably doesn’t shed as bad as mine does too. 

I haven’t bought a new desk calendar yet for 2013 and this Rifle Paper Botanical Desk Calendar looks like a perfect choice.  Anna Bond’s illustrations are always chic and cheerful.

One of the best categories on Fab is the tech gadgets. I don’t love conference calls so how fun would it be to talk on this iCooly Handsetwhile being able to scroll through instagram and twitter at the same time.

I’ve heard many bloggers wish they could own a Cy Twombly.  Since most of us will never actually be able to afford one, this lithograph of Crimes of Passion II would be a perfect alternative. You don’t even have to tell anyone it’s not an original,
I joke that I am almost run over by a Razr scooter every day on the Upper East Side.  I might be less upset about it if the child was riding this vintage handmade folk art scooter in its original orange paint.

How funny would it be to give your favorite digital photographer this tee shirt celebrating old school The Fotomat. I kind of want one for myself!

Have a Fab day!