I Never Want To Look At A Bow Clutch Again

No, seriously.  I just made twelve of these (over the course of two days) for my grandmother to give away as Christmas presents.  These were not included in my original "To Make" list.  Eep!

She originally wanted a different purse made to give out to her granddaughters and great-granddaughters, but I managed to dissuade her of that idea and push for the faster (and more familiar to me) bow clutch.

This is my favorite.  I love the waves fabric.

Hopefully all of my cousins like them.  I used up all the fabric my grandmother had purchased for her original idea, and I think these will be appropriate for girls of all ages.  

OK.  I managed to consolidate my "To-Make" list and get it down to 19 items, and two of those were completed yesterday.  Hooray!  17 to go.  Feeling confident and sassy ... and tired.  Need more coffee before I can do more crafting.

Friends, how are you feeling about the holidays?  Anyone else running on coffee?

Have a great day, all!  And try not to sleep at your desks like moi :)