In Memoriam: Albert Hadley

The sad news came yesterday that interior designer Albert Hadley died at his sister's home in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 91. The world has lost not only one of the most important decorators in history but a lovely gentleman. Mr. Hadley worked across the street from one of the design firms that I worked for and the highlight of my morning would be seeing him outside smoking a cigarette. Later, I was lucky enough to meet him a few times and even interview him at his office. Memories I will always cherish.

I learned that Mr. Hadley was not well from antiques dealer Gerald Bland when I shot him for my book.  He mentioned that Mr. Hadley's apartment was for sale and actually took me to see it.  Many of the special pieces had already been given away to friends or sold at auction but it was still beautiful to behold.  If I had the money, I would buy it in a heartbeat just in case some of his magic might rub off on me.  But just walking through the rooms was magic enough. You can see the floorplan here.

I hope Mr. Hadley is up there is the Decorating Hall of Fame in the sky laughing with Mrs. Parish, Billy Baldwin, Mark Hampton, and David Hicks, smoking a Camel Light and thinking about how he can add some red to all those white spaces.

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

My Spring Finds at Refinery29

Big thanks to Kristian Laliberte and the folks at Refinery29 for asking me to pick my favorite pieces to Prep Your Pad for Spring.  I love them so much I may have to buy a few of them for myself.  Hope you like them too!  



At Home with Another Herrera

Some people's homes get featured a million times and others seem to sit quietly under the radar.  The latter is why I was very excited to see Patricia Herrera Lansing's apartment featured on APT with LSD on  In case you don't know, Patricia is the daughter of my style idol Carolina Herrera.  The chicness doesn't fall far from the tree here.  I love how she and her husband have not only transformed his former bachelor pad into a family home, but have incorporated contemporary art and photography into the mix.  I also love the playroom and family photos displayed behind the breakfast table.  Now only if some magazine would feature her mother's townhouse again.  Bon Weekend!

Photos by Claiborne Swanson Frank

My Quest for the Perfect Shoe: Yellow and Orange

Friends, when it is gross and rainy outside (like it is supposed to be this morning), I have the urge to wear yellow.  Something bright and sunny to offset the gloom really helps to improve my mood throughout the day!  My outfit for today consists of a tan blazer and a mustard tunic with jeans - it's casual chic for the office (yay for jeans days in corporate America!).  I would love it if I could wear yellow shoes on dreary are some of my current favorites (and some in my signature color, too!):

These are strappy and a bit dressier than some of the styles I have been looking at, but they come in a wide range of colors.

Chelsea Crew Malibu T-Strap Mid Heel Pump

We saw the red version yesterday, but I definitely love the shape of this shoe, and it's so delightful in mustard!


Miz Mooz Women's Yema Wedge Sandal

Something about these reminds me of my grandmother in those old photos when my Dad was a little boy - a vintage feel and I love the pop of blue!



Chelsea Crew Alexa Cut-Out T-Strap Sandal

Of all the shoes I list, this might be the only MUST BUY pair.  Because they are orange.  And I have a problem.


Seychelles Women's All Dressed Up T-Strap Pump

  Oh, so delicate and so expensive...but so pretty...


Seychelles Women's Petunia T-Strap Pump

I really love that these have gold and tan mixed in, and the strap design and cone heel are big winners in my book!


Two Lips Women's Reflection Platform Pump

 These shoes are so epic, there aren't enough words.  Not only are they my university's colors, but they would make me look like a giantess. Oh, the 1970s, I love you so much.


  Friends, what are your feelings about yellow and orange shoes?  I loved all your comments and shoe suggestions from yesterday - I've been hard at work tracking down Hush Puppies and some of the other UK styles in the US!  I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to come to the UK and just do some shoe shopping there :)  Who's with me?!

XOXO have a great day all!  Yay Friday!

Erik Santos New Single 'Bakit Mahal Pa Rin Kita'

I'm not a very die-hard fan but I enjoyed meeting different celebrities and for me it was a privilege to get invited in press conferences and meet and greet event. I could say that I'm one of those few people who are blessed to have friends and acquaintances who could let me meet different artists.

For this time, though it's my second time, it's Erik Santos with his newest single “Bakit Mahal Pa Rin Kita”. Erik Santos is coined as the Philippines music's Ultimate Serenader. His newest single comes from his album “Awit Para Sa'yo” which was released by Star Records. It is his latest music compilation with 14 different tracks including nine original and five cover songs, and it is for sure that all are OPM love songs composed by renowned composers in the local music scene.

Track list includes his version of the hit song “Di Lang Ikaw” which was composed by Aiza Seguerra and written and sung by Juris Fernandez, “Muling Buksan Ang Puso” which was composed by Geroge Canseco, “Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka” which comes from Soc Villanueva, “Sa Iyong Paglisan” which was compsed by Arnold Reyes, “If You Have To” composed by Jude Gitamondoc, “Langit” which comes from ultimate singer-songwriter, Mr. Ogie Alcasid, “'Di Na Magbabago” by Christian Martines, “Sana Ikaw” which was an original by Piolo Pascual, composed by Lucien Letaba and Rommel Tuico, “Hanggang Kialan Kita Mamahalin” which was composed by Gary Valenciano and written by Erik Santos, “Paminsan-minsan” compsed by Aaron Paul Del Rosario and hi unique rendition of “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” which was Regine Velasquez original and was composed by Mr. Ogie Alcasid.

Listen to Erik's newest' track and grab your own copy of “Awit Para Sa 'Yo” under Star Records on your favorite record bars nationwide. For more updates and online song downloads, log on to For more information, visit Star Records' Facebook fanpage at or follow @starrecordsph on Twitter.