Cebuboy Lechon, Taste The Cebu Lechon

Food is very important in our daily lives. There are lots of foods out there, but every one have their own favorite food.

I will feature this time a food that all Filipinos love, what else but the LECHON! Lechon has always been hailed as the centerpiece for any celebration: birthday parties, weddings, anniversary celebration, business gatherings, corporate events, and even the occasional get-together among friends.

A party is not a party without Lechon and one of the best lechon in the country is the Cebu Lechon!

The Cebuboy have different kinds of  Lechon that vary on their taste. Cebuboy Lechon is definetely a good taste, because some says that Cebu Lechon has a distinct taste.

Cebuboy Lechon is a proud member of Northern Group Works Holdings (NGH) Corporation. NGH operates through its highly-diverse affiliate companies across a number of industries: business process outsourcing (BPO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), information and communications technology (ICT), healthcare, food service and real estate development. NGH has business offices in the Philippines (Cebu), the United States (Las Vegas) and Macau (P.R.C.). Operating under the NGH's food arm Holister Inc., Cebuboy will set the pace in the Metro as it will open delivery pick up points in the area.

Now, you don't have to go to Cebu just to taste the authentic Cebu Lechon. They will deliver it to you.

Cebuboy Lechon, provider of authentic Cebu Lechon is now delivering to Manila. To attain that unique Cebuano touch to this traditional Filipino dish, the lechon is produced and cooked in Cebu and shipped to Manila for every order.

With Cebuboy Lechon, the authentic Cebu Lechon will be made available and easily accessible to Manila. Cebuboy Lechon guarantees its consumers authentic Cebu Lechon delivered fresh and crisp every day through uncomplicated, hassle-free ordering.

For your orders, call:

JOSHUA - 0905-6625411
DYSM     - 0917-4681179
PAOLO   - 0917-3705691
NIQS      - 0922-875650

Find them on Facebook ( and twitter (@CebuboyLechon)

Hurry this holiday season, you can add Cebuboy Lechon as the star of your dish this Christmas eve and New Year's Eve. To give you whole family a special bonding moment while eating authentic Cebu Lechon.