MMM Days 21-31

Ah, Me Made May, I enjoyed you while you lasted, but man, I missed my sweatpants.

Day 21

Meg WAS NOT HAPPY. This is my not happy face.  The noise level in the HR group sometimes gets a little crazy and I got a headache at work.  

Day 22 - 23

I have no idea where those pictures are.  It's like they disappeared into my fabric closet, never to be seen again.  

Day  24:

I finally got to wear the Sassy Secretary Dress to work. Rob told me to pose like a flamingo.  My balance is wretched.

Day 25

This photo shoot was a ton of fun!  And the overalls are insanely comfortable.  I think they'll be perfect in the Autumn when the weather has cooled down a little more.

Overalls: EvaDress 4536
Blouse: McCalls 5929

Day 26 


I have awesome friends who have awesome homes who host awesome sleepovers.  

Socks: Target.  Someday it'll be a hand knitted pair, but we'll just admire the pros for now. :)

Day 27

Sunday is cleaning day at our place.  I am on window duty.

Shirt and Shorts: Lisette 1879
 My view while I'm washing the windows.  I'm pressed up against them while I wash, so it's good that I'm not afraid of heights.

I do hate spiders, though, and believe it or not, we do get spiders crawling through the window seats into our place. I killed 14 in one day before.  Sometimes I find ninja spiders while I am window cleaning and freak out. Again, a good thing I'm not afraid of heights since I'm freaking out next to a pane of glass.

Sometimes the view of the clouds is super lovely.  I love taking cloud pictures.  I've been doing it ever since I was a little kid and I have some really magnificent photos from the years.

 Day 28

My last day of Memorial Day vacation.  I was reluctantly getting ready for bed at a decent hour when Rob snapped this photo.

 Day 29

I haven't worn this dress in a year!  I don't know why, because I absolutely love it :)

Day 30

It got chilly today and my photographer got sassy.

Day 31

A cold and rainy day in Chi-town. 

Skirt: Vogue 8701

Well, we've come to the end, and I learned quite a bit from this month.  I suppose I expected it to be easier than it was, considering how many me made garments are in my closet. Here are some of the things I've realized:

  1. I need more basics.  I need pencil skirts and black pants for work, more blouses, sweaters for the office, and some casual pants (like jeans).  The weather this month made it really difficult to survive in skirts and my few pairs of summery pants.  I need more cake in my life, if you will.
  2. As much as I love color and patterns, I don't like mixing them.  It's not my style to throw on crazy prints and try and make them work - I like having one patterned piece and then a solid colored wardrobe piece to compliment it.  I have many patterned garments, and not many solid.  This created a bit of a roadblock and so I ended up using some pieces multiple times. 
  3. I need more casual clothes.  More sweatshirts, more comfy pants, and a onesie.  A me made onesie would be delightful, and I totally have the pattern already.  
 I'm glad that I identified these wardrobe gaps, but it makes me a little sad to think of how many dresses I have made that didn't get worn at all because of the shoddy weather here.  I am debating on having an entire month where I only wear dresses so these lovely bits get to see the light of day.  I'm thinking August so the weather won't be as much of an issue.  Any one interested in trying out this venture with me??  Let me know in the comments!

Friends, it's been delightful following along with all of you and your gorgeous ensembles!  Here's to us and another great month of me mades!

Gelo's 2 in 1 Celebration

Plans are made to be broken!  Hmmm... sounds like a famous quote.  Yes it is but I change it a bit.

So, what does it mean?  Well, before May 11, 2012, we have created lots of plans and assured that it will go that way.  We've finalized it that we are going to have 2 celebrations for our dearest youngest son, Gelo.  We have agreed to have May 11 as the date of his Christening and May 12 as the celebration of his Birthday.

Well, in the end, we celebrated it just once.  Hahaha, funny it is because we changed the plan few days before the day of the event.  We just have the Christening in the morning and then the reception and birthday celebration afterwards at KFC Tandang Sora.  It is just a simple celebration for our son, Gelo and for our visitors.   Then with the help of Dicky, my sister-in-law's husband made the celebration fun by being the emcee.  We just made a few games for the kids and for the adults as well.  And that's how the celebration made and ended.

I just want to thank all our visitors, the Godfather and Godmother who attended and our dear Pastor Bong Mangubat, my family and relatives, my in-laws. Thank you for being with us during the simple celebration.

Thank God for the day and for everybody because Gelo and Maki enjoyed the Party.

'Till next post..I think my M, my loves,  my husband will be the one who will celebrate his birthday soon.

Kohl Products, For Family Protection

As a mommy, I need to be sure that all things that i am going to use for my babies are all clean. Prevention is better than cure, not being so paranoid at it but the safety of the family is very important and my number one priority.

Since, I have 2 sons, a 4 years old and a 1 year old, I need to protect them from harmful diseases.  I am gladly that there are solutions that can help me fight  those harmful diseases and one of them are the KOHL products.

So, what is KOHL by the way, KOHL Industries Corporation is a leading manufacturing company of household and industrial products in  the Philippines.

Kohl Industries Corporation was incorporated by a group of professional and investors led by Aton C. Atilano in June 2002.  Its commercial operation started immediately thereafter, following the company's acquisition of the rights to the brand name Doctor J Rubbing alcohol, an alcohol brand that has been in the market since 1994.

The Company’s Mission is to give consumers a cheaper but high quality homecare products. This is Kohl’s small contribution in alleviating the effects of the economic crunch that has been affecting many households in the country. At the same time, Kohl is able to provide employment and business opportunities to the Filipino community.

What are the products offered by KOHL Industries Corporation?

Here are some of the brands in which I know you've already been using it or have seen it in different stores.

Doctor J Alcohol is the flag product of Kohl Industries Corporationthat started it all for the company. Doctor J is available in both Isopropyl and Ethyl alcohol. Doctor J is currently used in many hospitals in the country. Doctor J is available in 70% and 40% solution in a uniquely-formulated scent.

Bactigelhand sanitizer has the HIGHEST alcohol content in locally produced sanitizers, containing 68% ethyl alcohol that is able to kill harmful bacteria and germs on hands without harming your hands.

Bactigelis used in hospitals as hand sanitizers for doctors and nurses before clinical operations. Bactigelis also now available for people outside hospitals in small bottles with rubber holders.

Bactigelis available for retail at the following stores: SM Supermarket, Mercury, Robinsons, Shopwise, Rustans, National Bookstore, Pandayan, Dress for Less, South Star Drug, Unimart, Makati Supermakret, Alturas, Finds, Waltermart, CMart, Robinsons Department Store, Office Warehouse, Pioneer Centre, Eunilane, Kwik B, Office 1, AFPCES, JC Plaza, Unisave, JS Smart Choice, GL Del Monte, Budgetlane, Bora Budget Mart, Centerlane, PK & Sons, Merriam Bookstore.

Puregelhand sanitizer is FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration) hand sanitizer with high ethyl alcohol content (68%) available for retail in six (6) amazing varieties to suit different personalities. Puregelis specially-formulated people who wants “fruity” scents.

Puregel hand sanitizers come with patented rubber holders to go along with fashion or style of any individual.

Puregelis available for retail at the following stores: SM Supermarket, Mercury, Robinsons, Shopwise, Rustans, National Bookstore, Pandayan, Dress for Less, South Star Drug, Unimart, Makati Supermakret, Alturas, Finds, Waltermart, CMart, Robinsons Department Store, Office Warehouse, Pioneer Centre, Eunilane, Kwik B, Office 1, AFPCES, JC Plaza, Unisave, JS Smart Choice, GL Del Monte, Budgetlane, Bora Budget Mart, Centerlane, PK & Sons, Merriam Bookstore.


Orasil is an innovative mouthwash,which utilizes stabilized hydrogen peroxide andxylitol, as substitutes for possibly harmful ingredients that are commonly used in other formulas. Proven to be beneficial, these two ingredients effectively whitens teeth and keeps breath fresh throughout the day.

The stabilized hydrogen peroxide found in Orasil is formulated in Switzerland. Studies show that it is more effective comported to regular hydrogen peroxide, which is usually used by dentists to clean and whiten teeth. Orasil does not mask breath with artificial flavorings, rather, it directly kills the germs that cause it, without having to drop the pH level of the mouth like other alcohol-basedmouthwash. This makes sure that bacteria does not grow soon after use.


SunProtecSunblock is one of Kohl Industries’ newest products to offer Filipinos a very affordable sunblock with high SPF (sun protection factor) that can help protect your skin from UVA and UVB (ultraviolet).

SunProtecis unscented and easy-to-apply sunblock available in three (3) forms. SunProtecis available in Mercury Drugstores, Shopwise and Rustans.


Puremistis a liquid form hand sanitizer with high-alcohol content suitable for people who wants their hand sanitizers to be sprayed on their hands. Puremist is available in different variants


Bullseye Odorless Muti-Insect Killer‘s effective and powerful formulation eradicates all types of insects. Even with is potent anti-dengue formulation, 

Bullseye also kills cockroaches and flies. Just spray into open air or enclosed space and return after 30 minutes for a bug-free, hassle-free, odor-free environment.

If you want to know more about KOHL Industries Corporation just visit their website and other social media accounts.

Kohl Industries Corporation:


Tom's Townhouse

I always wonder why we don't see Tom Ford's homes published in more magazines.  Perhaps he doesn't want us all peering into his private spaces or maybe there were published in foreign magazines and I just didn't see them.  Whatever the case, you can see some pics of his Mayfair townhouse in London that was just sold.  The perfection reminds me of the character George in A Single Man.  Nothing is out of place though I didn't really expect it to be.  It's modern but not stark.  I like the choice of curvier dining chairs around the clean lined dining table. Tom is moving to the South Kensington area according to Fashionologie so maybe we'll see that home in a magazine someday if we're lucky. 

Photos via Fashionologie

Absolute Best Brownies

I’d like to apologize, firstly, for my longer than usual absence here.  We have been eking out as much as we can from this summer (the hottest on record so far I’ve heard!).  That means spending our precious weekends and holidays in search of a cool body of water in which to immerse ourselves.  Now that little C has grown to be quite the beach bum that also includes finding a sandy shore where she can busy herself with her pails and shovels.  Cocktails, ice cold beers, seafood, a hot grill, and (of course) great company were also on the agenda.

And, secondly, I’d like to apologize for the amount of time I’ve been sitting on this absolutely fantastic brownie recipe.  I actually made them for one of the aforementioned beach trips.  My uncle had rented a house in a nearby beach for the summer (nearby meaning you don’t have to take a plane or a boat) and we went for a weekend.  Although my aunt insisted that they would take care of everything, I, of course, could not come empty handed.  So along with flip flops and sarongs and all manners of beach toys, I packed some of my favorite beef tapa and organic eggs (breakfast food…very important!), a bottle of Bombay, cans of Schweppes, and six lemons (preferred cocktail…also very important!), and these brownies.

Take them wherever you want a repeat invitation!

Robert’s Absolute Best Brownies 
(from David Lebovitz’s recipe as seen on Thyme for Cooking)
  • 3 ounces unsalted or salted butter, cut into pieces, plus more for the pan
  • 8 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup nuts, toasted and coarsely chopped (I used walnuts) 
- Line the inside of an 8-inch square pan with 2 lengths of parchment, allowing for excess to extend beyond the edges of the pan (this is how you will pull the brownies out later).  You can also use foil but I prefer parchment.  Lightly butter the parchment. (It’s mentioned that the original recipe calls for a 9-inch square pan, but I used an 8-inch and it turned out perfect)
- In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt the butter. Add the chocolate and stir by hand until it is melted and smooth.
- Remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in the sugar and vanilla until combined. Beat in the eggs by hand, one at a time. Add the flour and stir energetically for one full minute.  Yes, this is important so time yourself.  The batter is supposed to lose its graininess in this time, becoming smooth and glossy, and pull away a bit from the sides of the saucepan.  After that, stir in the chopped nuts.
- Scrape the batter into the prepared pan and bake in a pre-heated 350F oven until the center feels almost set, about 30 minutes. Do not overbake.
- Let the brownie cool completely in the pan (be patient!) before lifting the parchment and the brownie out of the pan. I give it an extra window of time to cool out of the pan as well (it’s the tropics after all!).  Cut the brownie into squares.

I stumbled on this recipe over at Katie’s and our beach trip was the perfect excuse to try them out.  There are two important things to remember when making them, as per the expert advice of Mr. Lebovitz -- one is to make sure that you do stir them quite vigorously and two that you stir (vigorously!) for the prescribed one minute, no less.  This is what makes that batter temptingly glossy and the resulting brownies fudgy as sin.  I’d also like to add, as with any brownie, whose majority is made up of chocolate, please use the best chocolate you can get your hands on.  The brownies will keep for 4 days (or one month frozen) although I highly doubt they will be around for that long.

So here we are at summer’s end.  The rainy season is slowly making its presence felt, although the heat is still asserting itself bullishly.  I am so very happy though, that despite almost melting a fair number of times, I can look back on a summer of sunshine and fun…and the memories of my little girl looking up at me with sand in her hair and hands, telling me that she is “so happy” to be in the beach.  And even if our tans may fade, and grey skies replace the blue ones, I’ll have a wonderful brownie recipe to see me through the rain.

Conference Weekend

Life is always taking me on new adventures, and a few weeks ago the path lead me to the Canyon Inn in McCormick's Creek State Park for the SCBWI Indiana Conference, aptly named Trails to Sweet Success. We had an amazing array of faculty for the conference that included Andrew Harwell, Associate Editor, HarperCollins; Eve Adler, Editor, Grosset & Dunlap; Jessica Garrison, Editor, Dial Books for Young Readers and Joann Hill, Art Director, Disney•Hyperion Books. Prior to spending a jam-packed weekend dedicated to children's books in the Inn, we managed to hike along the path to a waterfall with our NY editors. An interesting aspect of the weekend included a one-on-one portfolio review and a workshop titled The Illustrator/Art Director Relationship, with Joann Hill.  Here's a new image from the workshop with Joann.  It was an eventful weekend with outstanding faculty as well as artist and author friends! 

By George

I've seen the photo of The Divers above dozens of times yet didn't realize the photographer was George Hoyningen-Huene until recently.  He was born in Russia in 1900 and during the Russian Revolution fled to London and later Paris.  He worked as a photographer and eventually became chief of photography at French Vogue.  In 1931, he met Horst who was the subject of many of his photos and who would also later become a photographer for Vogue.  In 1935 he moved to New York where he worked for Harper's Bazaar and on books before moving to Hollywood in the 1940's.  

It's his beach photographs of bathing suits from the late 1920's and early 1930's that are my favorites.  They are still used for inspiration for magazine shoots to this day.  I especially love the fact that bathing costumes from that era are larger than some of the clothes that people wear on the street today. Those were the days. 

Bathers in Lelong suits, 1929.

Horst, 1930


Vogue, July 1, 1928

Horst Torso, 1931

Bathing suits by Jean Patou, 1930.

Johnny Weissmuller, 1930

Vogue, July 6, 1929

Schiaparelli bathing suit, 1929.

Vogue, July 1931

Beachwear by Schiaparelli, 1930.

Swimwear by Jean Patou, 1928.

Johnny Weissmuller

French Riviera, 1932

Beachwear by Chanel, 1933