SIP Milk Tea, The Mango Milk Tea Review

Steeply made to entice and refresh.
Intellegently extracted to lock in the juices and
Perfectly blended to mix in the flavor.

Another SIP-in the flavorful MANGO MILK TEA!

Here is another milk tea flavor experience that I've tried from SIP Milk Tea.  This time it's something of a fruit that we all know, the Mango.  I never thought that mixing Mango, Milk and Tea would be a new flavor for my taste buds.   I have been a fan of mango and I think I have tried most of the things that you could do with the mango but for now I would definitely add Milk Tea as one of the things that you can do with a Mango.

The taste is actually different but you can actually taste the flavor of the mango, the milk and the flavor of the tea.  My taste bud did respond instantly with the mango but was a bit surprised with the tea.  It's really a good experience.

   Here are some of the benefits that we could possibly have.
  • Teas have good benefits to our health whether it is scientific or not like...
  • Tea has antioxidants that helps fight cancer.
  • Tea relaxes the body.
  • Tea helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Calcium from the milk.
  • Protein perhaps.
As we all know everything beyond normal is bad, so moderate your addiction and have different flavor everyday.

While I was waiting for my order of MANGO MILK TEA the barristas, if you would call those people who mixes the milk tea, does not just pour and mix but they make sure to perfectly blend the flavor and the ingredients.

This milk tea does not only have milk, mango juice flavor, and tea but you can also mix and match with their jellies.  I try to have a Lyche Jelly in it and it was great as well.  I even get a spoon to chew in those gummy lyche flavored jellies.

Now, will I get addicted or not!  I enjoyed it very much and even my eldest son savor the MANGO MILK TEA, he sure loves it too.

If you're a NTSB or a NO TEA SINCE BIRTH then you're missing something!  Try it for yourself and let us see and perhaps exchange notes of our experiences.

For more information, visit, like their FB Page and follow them on Twitter @sipmilktea.