SIP Milk Tea, The Strawberry Mes-TEA-zo Milk Tea Review

Steeply made to entice and refresh.
Intellegently extracted to lock in the juices and
Perfectly blended to mix in the flavor.


This is one of the milk tea flavor that I've tried from SIP Milk Tea.   I never thought that having both black and green tea in one cup will make it more undesirable but to my amaze this STRAWBERRY MESTEAZO MILK TEA from SIP Milk Tea is something that is not an ordinary milk tea. I admit I don't like drinking tea but this made me change my perspective about teas.  Here are some of the reasons why a sudden change of perspective.

First, I want to share what the owner shared to us about their milk tea. SIP Milk Tea is not brewed just like any other existing tea houses. It is steep, so meaning the flavor and aroma of the tea leaves is locked within in liquid where the leaves are soaked. This process keeps the tea components mixed in the water or liquid unlike in brewing makes the flavor and other components evaporate which looses afterwards.

Second, some of the benefits that each ingredients have.

  • Teas have good benefits to our health whether it is scientific or not like...
  • Tea has antioxidants that helps fight cancer.
  • Tea relaxes the body.
  • Tea helps in regulating blood pressure.
With milk, it has its own benefits as well like...

  • Calcium
  • Protein
With strawberry, since SIP Milk Tea ingredients are not powder, it is like an extracted pollen from the flowers which also has some good benefits like...

  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidant
  • Manganese
  • Anti-Imflamatory
So, if the benefits are these then it would be even great when it is locked in together in just one cup of SIP Strawberry Milk Tea.

Creating this STRAWBERRY  MILK TEA is not just a pour and mix thing but it is a very tedious and careful pouring of the ingredients.  Imagine how the two color does not easily blend in the cup.  Perhaps it's another reason why they call it mesteazo, hahah, because the color is half half.

Now since I got amazed of how it is done and the components of this SIP Milk Tea I finally got a cup, take note the LARGE one, to savor in the flavor.   I did an experiment first I stuck in the straw not reaching half of the cup and have a sip.  I sipped in the milk it was great.  Then push it in up to the bottom, have another sip and tasted strawberry flavored tea.  Finally to enjoy it even more I stir it up until the two color is mixed together, then one more sip.  It was extraordinary.  I didn't realize that I'll be enjoying milk tea after all.  Even my kid loves it too.

If you're a NTSB or a NO TEA SINCE BIRTH then you're missing something!  Try it for yourself and let us see and perhaps exchange notes of our experiences.

More of the reviews coming.

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