SIP Milk Tea, Chocolate Milk Tea Review

Chocolate is one of the most love food and flavor.  It seems that most of the cakes, ice creams and pastries are flavored with chocolate.  I, myself love chocolates very much and that's why I choose the CHOCOLATE MILK TEA variant of SIP Milk Tea to try.

Before anything else I would like to share what SIP Milk Tea means to me.

Steeply made to entice and refresh.
Intellegently extracted to lock in the juices and
Perfectly blended to mix in the flavor.

Hopefully with my last review about SIP Milk Tea I could entice more people to try and reap the benefit of drinking teas and most specially, the milk tea.  If you think it is unlikely to mix milk with a tea, think again because mixing these two and together as well with some other flavors make it more exciting to drink.  It's like having an experiment in a laboratory.  The end concoction will be the result of tedious study of mixing and matching the different flavors and aroma.

The taste is actually familiar because of the Chocolate but what I like about it is that the tea did not actually loose it's original taste but somewhat blend in with the chocolate.

Many scientist, food lovers and people thought that Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.  So basically it has also some nutrients or ingredients that somehow make the drinker a little bit hyperactive and on the rush.  If you're into coffee as well the Chocolate Milk Tea can be mix and match with the coffee jelly which great and does compliment each flavor.  I remember my husband used to drink, the mixture of coffee and chocolate drink.

   To add up more information for the readers here are some of the benefits that we could possibly inherit by drinker milk tea.
  • Teas have good benefits to our health whether it is scientific or not like...
  • Tea has antioxidants that helps fight cancer.
  • Tea relaxes the body.
  • Tea helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Calcium from the milk.
  • Protein perhaps.
For this type of Milk Tea, preparing it would be easy peasy because there's no much design standard to follow in mixing the Chocolate Milk Tea.  

Like I mentioned before that coffee jelly is the best for this one but of course you can mix and match with some other jellies and pearls available and that's according to your taste buds.

Now, since we enjoyed having milk tea why don't you enjoy it yourself as well.  Just visit their branches and ask the crew of what's the latest with them.

If you're a NTSB or a NO TEA SINCE BIRTH then you're missing something!  Try it for yourself and let us see and perhaps exchange notes of our experiences.

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