My Thoughts on Style

Hello, Friends!  The lovely Erin over at Seamstress Erin asked me to come over for a little chat about style.  Erin is incredibly patient, and I owe her one because it took me four days and three re-writes to get my answers correct.  I really didn't know how to define my style, and honestly, I was scared at first.  My past is not a fashionable one, but rather, it is filled with practical shoes and plaid skirts and natural hair colors.  I took the fantastic opportunity Erin gave me to analyze myself, my style choices, and where my sewing will go from here.  After that bit of soul-searching, I decided to look at some of my makes and re-examine how I feel about them:

I wore this dress twice in public and hated it each time.  It felt too short, cut too low, and I hated the lining shining through.  I had even dyed the lining orange, but it made no difference in the end.  Stylewise, I felt cheap when I wore it.  Cheap, clingy fabric + lining shining through + too much leg exposed when I walk with static cling = throw it away.

This top really wasn't going to go far in my closet.  I don't go to clubs, and I HATE STRAPLESS BRAS.  Seriously - why do I always end up with a line on my stomach at the and of the night?  I've yet to find one that works, so I tend to hate pieces that require their assistance.

 This poor t-shirt.  I've worn it around the house and it seems to be disintegrating.  I want my style to be polished, not really wearing rags.  Ok - sweatpants aren't polished, but they have no holes and the drawstring is still intact.

I love this jersey knit bow top so much.  I wear it at least once a week.  I've found that I am really drawn to interesting necklines with bows or ruffles, and I am looking to incorporate these into more of my makes.  I am also really into being comfortable, so knit fabrics will be appearing more frequently.

Again, more jersey appearing with my absolute favorite t-shirt.  This fabric is magical.  It's warm when it is cold outside, it's cool in the hot weather.  I wear it regularly.

Knit fabrics aren't always a guaranteed win, though.  I've come to avoid this top and I never want to wear it out.  A long sleeve tee would be welcome in my closet, but this doesn't have enough give, and I don't have a need for a sheer long sleeve tee in my closet.  I'm pretty tame.  Sometimes.  OK, not really, but it still has to go.

THESE.  I NEED TO WEAR THESE MORE OFTEN.  I love sweetheart necklines, and I love the idea of vintage overalls.  Since I spent so much time agonizing over them, I need to find a way to incorporate these into my winter wardrobe.  

 I also really love plaid, and lately I've been wishing for more plaid pants in my wardrobe.  There are two pairs in my queue right now and they are going to be EPIC.

The Coke sweatshirt gets worn often now that the temperature has changed.  I love how warm it is, combined with the 3/4 sleeves.  The quirky fabric is an added bonus in my eyes.

I love this jacket.  I am experimenting with how to work it into my wardrobe, but I've worn it out of the house once or twice.  It makes a marvelous conversation piece, and I love having those in my closet to spice up a boring ensemble.

So.... in looking at these favorites and not-so-favorites, here's what I can add to my findings from my guest post over at Erin's marvelous blog:

I like neck froo-froo.  I cannot get enough neck froo-froo and should really pursue that.

I like conversation pieces.

I would live in knit fabrics every day if I could.  Every. Single. Day.

Sweetheart necklines are definitely fantastic.

I don't like showing a tremendous amount of thigh, so skirts should be right above the knee for me.  Shorts are cool.  I like shorts.

I like plaid, but really should not combine plaid and clubbing outfits.  I am not Snooki.

I don't need to reinvent the t-shirt.  I just need to make some fabulous staple tees and not try to drape to get the same result.

I don't like sheer knit fabrics.  Layering under sheer knits perplexes me deeply and makes things strange and visually uncomfortable.

Strapless bras are the devil.

Many thanks to the marvelous Erin for helping me down this road of discovery!!  I imagine I'll be examining my personal style for many years to come :)