Handmade Is Cool & Henry Glass Party Continues

I have been seeing some fabulous projects from the Henry Glass designers. Today is no exception! I love the digital designs that Shelly Comisky and Wilma Sanchez have designed for you. Did you check out the new baby photos? Cute! Are you good at guessing? I don't know if I could guess very well especially since I know the answers. Sorry, I'm not gonna tell.

Business first. I am going to be at Rock, Paper, Scissors this Thursday at 7 p.m. I'll be chatting with the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild. Very cool store and I'm sure very cool people.

I thought about all of this gift-giving stuff. Do you buy or do you make your gifts? I try to make and fail miserable at it. Ok, that is more of the beginning of a New Year's Resolution, isn't it? I was amazed at some of the answers posted when I asked my Facebook friends if people started making gifts for Christmas. Wow. There are some impressive people who are connected to me on my Facebook page. I designed that snow globe up at the top when I was homeroom mom for Little A's class. That was a fun one.

I am aiming at making an ornament. Dang. Did I say that out loud? I have ideas swirling in my brain. Ideas that need to take that leap out and onto my cutting board. Yes. Please Do.

Meanwhile, I think that making some jewelry is a fine idea. I made this necklace a long while ago but don't you think that you could make this? You could have a party with your best friends and put together a few of these in an evening. How fun would that be?

I made these three pieces from kits or patterns that I bought at a store. I am so fortunate that I have some amazing crafting stores near me. Ok, I'd better get organized and get cracking.