Nido, New and Fortified

Milk is very important for the development of the body of our kids. As a mom, I see to it that my kids will have their milk every day.  My youngest of course always drinks milk all the time because of his age and my eldest son as well and his already 5 years old.

My eldest son always asks for milk, he drinks milk whenever he wants it or by request.  My son drinks milk 3 glasses everyday, at morning, afternoon and before bed time that is his routine but sometimes it goes more than 3 glasses in a day.

When my son, Maki, was 4 years old he did experienced milk taste fatigue. From four glasses of milk to one glass of milk in a day and usually at night time only.  But me as a mommy, I did encouraged him to continue drinking milk because that's the best way to take care of our kids and that's for their nutrition.

One of Nido's event which was held at SM MOA was a great experience for my son Maki, together with his cousin Rafael, they both enjoyed the event and even the tour at the Science Discovery.  They did learn some few things in the Science Discovery.  Maki's confidence was surely been boosted that day.

Oh did I tell that we won also in a game played in the event.  It was really a fun game, good thing that I like to do mystery and puzzle games.  Hahaha!  The event's highlight was the unveiling of the newest product of Nido, the Nido Fortified with some new flavors that kids will surely enjoy.  I can attest to that because once we got home my son ask for the milk, the Nido Forti-Choco. 

With the help of my son Maki and some other kids, they unveiled the Nido Forti-choco and Nido Forti-melon. Here is the video.

The Nido Fortified unveiling was hosted by self-confessed milk lover Suzi Entrata-Abrera. 

Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon are now available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.  So Moms better grab a pack now and let your kids enjoy that flavorful milk.