30:60 Project 11: A Most Tropical Renfrew

Friends, I positively love the Renfrew Pattern from Sewaholic patterns.  Over the course of two days, I made four fabulous shirts and have been wearing three of them in regular rotation. Two of these happened to be made out of scraps.  

Project 11 was made with leftover fabric from this maxi dress I made for the Sew Weekly Trend Challenge, and just never got around to posting.  It is the most comfortable dress (made from tropical jersey fabric that Mama Grand passed along), but adding pockets on both sides made it a little less flattering than I would like.  It's definitely a house dress now, but I can deal with it.

 I added a tie around the waist to accentuate my waist.  I hated the fabric with a fiery passion for many years, but after spying it in the closet at my parents' house for so many years, I decided I could love it, and now I do.  I especially love how soft and worn it is - it feels amazing on.  I might try another version of this dress and eliminate the pockets.  Has anyone else used Simplicity 3503?  Thoughts?

I am so glad there was enough of this soft fabulous material leftover to make a Renfrew!  It's so comfortable and flattering, I've been wearing it regularly.  I could easily fill my closets with these, and I definitely think these shirts fall into the "cake" category.

My v-neck is still a bit shady, but chocolate chip cookies totally make up for it.  My friend, Stephy, makes THE BEST cookies - slightly crispy, extra chocolatey..

I like to wash cookies down with a can of champagne to celebrate Oona's B-day...

...and try not to choke when Rob makes me laugh.

Just another fabulous Sunday in Chicago!

What did you do this weekend, friends? I hope you got to put your feet up and relax, too!