Room 101

Every year, seven girlfriends and I go on what we loosely call a 'walking weekend'. To be fair, we do walk at some point in the weekend and in fact this year (a couple of weeks ago) we did a lovely walk along the Kent and Avon canal.

At dinner, in the pub where we were staying, I happened to say how averse I am to Facebook (I have 2 friends - one being my husband!) and this escalated into what people would like to put into Room 101.

We had:

  • Drivers that won't let other cars into a traffic jam from side roads.
  • On line cards or cards designed on line and sent - which apparently shows the sender has either forgotten your birthday and left it too late to buy a card or can't be bothered to go out shopping.
  • Handbags with tags to show they are designer (wouldn't know about that cos I don't buy handbags very often and the last one I bought was from Tesco!)
The fact that I've forgotten the other three is a worrying sign of senility, I expect!

This, by the way, is my dog. Most of my story ideas come when I when I am walking her.