Medchef Anniversary

Cakes here….cakes there…cakes everywhere….

Well, that’s the environment when I attended the 1st year anniversary of MEDCHEF. A lot of cakes at the table, I think all the cakes are blockbuster because the table was just like it has been hit by a storm. A lot of people continuously chatting, downstairs…upstairs… almost everywhere is full!!! I wasn’t able to watch the program downstairs because most of the bloggers and guest clog up the way and there’s no way I could take my shot of viewing the program. Thank goodness that some of the models went up to let us see what kind of cake they are modeling.

Apparently, their cakes taste good, but I am longing to taste their best seller cake. Hoping that the next time I visit their store I’ll get a chance to taste it.

Guests, bloggers, models and whoever on that night was very much delighted because the people experienced the sweetness of all the cakes presented.

One of the owners of Medchef, Chef Hasset was very busy going around and estimating the guests. Judging from their faces, it seems that they are very much surprised with the number of people visited their anniversary celebration. I’m sure most of them love the cake just like me. Every bite gives smile to everyone.

So anyone who crave for something different, something sweets, something artistic visit the Medchef to feel life to the fullest.

Discovering new taste…new food…new experience…is coming…’till next post.