It hurts!!!It really hurts!!!

We, parents are very protective of our kid, that’s why we don’t want them to feel any hurtful experiences, we are after on their safety and happiness, right mommies?

Unfortunately, vaccine is really part of a baby’s life. Even though they feel pain during their vaccine, they still need it to fight against those harmful diseases, to protect them from illnesses and to boast their immune system for the unfriendly environment as they continually growing up.

I should be tough and brave for my 2nd child Gelo, because I have already experienced those vaccine moment on my eldest son Maki. But as you can see in the video, I’m still scared and worried about Gelo, given the fact that I don’t want injection also, maybe that’s the reason why that feeling is still there.

My son's pedia ask me to put Gelo on the bed, as she starts to clean the area where she will inject, I started to take a video. Look at the video, my sister in law was the one holding gelo’s hand, when it should be me!!!But of course, I need to take a video on him and besides I don't like injections. While doing it, I keep on talking to my son's pedia that Gelo sometimes holds his breath that scares me a lot. Because I was so talkative Dr. Lazol could not concentrate on what she's going to do. Silly me disturbing my son's pedia. Finally, Gelo shouted………………… hurts!!! It really hurts!!! I worried, my son is only a baby.

That was my feeling, a mommy's emotion. If your kids get hurt, you feel it too. You will do everything for them not to feel those things, to make them safe all the time.

More vaccine experiences for Gelo, well…more scary and worried moment for me…But I know it will help my baby to be healthy and strong all the time.

More stories about Gelo…coming soon…