Sew Weekly Challenge: Nautical or "Don't be blinded by the pasty whiteness"

As you may be able to tell from other posts, I love Vogue patterns.  They are just soooo pretty, and I love the possibilities of what these patterns could do for my closet.  I decided it was finally time to tackle one that I've had cut out for six months now.

Vogue 2859 - I fell in love with the blouse, but I may need to make the dress after seeing Kat's lovely version.

I decided to take my time (since this would be my first time making a Vogue pattern), use the simulated French seams again, and finish it properly.  Well, I got it finished and there was one slight surprise:
It shows a bit more skin than I had EVER anticipated.

I love the color, the shape, the details...but sweet monkeys in a basket, I did not expect to be showing my midriff!  Granted, I've been working out like a fiend for the marathon so I'm not too upset, but I'm afraid the glare off my skin might blind passerby.

I'm disappointed because I worked on this blouse for about nine hours, only to not be able to wear it for nine months out of the year here. 

If I made it again, I would add four inches to the bottom.  I'm going to blame the midriff factor on my bust being a bit larger than the 1930's norm. 

This definitely doesn't feel like a 1935 design.  Rather, I'm feeling more like Annette Funicello and I need to be rocking out on a beach somewhere.

I'm still going to wear it during the summer.  I'll just need to keep working out in order to wear it, so I guess that's a good incentive?

Disappointment mingled with joy that I conquered the toughest pattern I've come across yet.  Totally bittersweet.
On a happy note...Rob loves me.  A lot.

I did not realize how much until I came home and found that he had made me a cake.  He cut up a marble sheet cake...


...and made marshmallow fondant ... and transformed it all into a Tardis.

My awesome boyfriend made me a TARDIS! *SQUEEEEEEEE*  (I might have flipped out with joy)

We are taking it to one of my favorite restaurants tonight to celebrate my birthday with my friends (most of who love the Doctor as well).  Totally geektastic!!

Well, friends, if you are still interested in the birthday giveaway, there is still time to enter!

Have a great evening, all!