Fashion week is coming up soon and I'm not looking forward to all the crazy colorful street style characters looking for attention.  Right now, I'm inspired by a return to black and white simplicity (with a little grey thrown in as usual).  That's not to say I'm anti-color but I like it used as an accent instead of the main event.  It just looks chic and we know how I like chic. 

N.B. I'm off to pilates but will add all the credits when I return. 

Bill Cunningham


Lisa Sherry via Lonny

via Velina Blog

by Morten Holtum

Samantha Traina by Tommy Ton

Kirsten Dunst by Terry Richardson

Rose Smith in Paris

by Benedikte Ugland

by Harriet Anstruther

Leica camera

by Tommy Ton in Milan

Miles Redd


Bellevue AJ2 Lamp

Mark Rothko