Guess What The Bad Dog's Done Now!

Bonnie thinks I might mot notice her if she wears a disguise
My step dog Bonnie has just given me the fright of my life!
Let me set the scene. At the weekend we at last bought ourselves a nice new flat screen TV (being one of the only people to still have a huge old box-style one). This neat little item of technology sits in our living room - the living room from which Bonnie is now banned when we go out!
Readers of this blog will know that Bonnie loves sitting on the settees, especially when she is wet or muddy. We made the 'No Bonnie In The Living Room' rule after the failure of the settee barricades and in preparation for when we invest in new settees. Having caught Bonnie out with our Bonnie Trap, we now make sure that our bad dog is shut out of the living room and the door is shut, whenever we go out.
Anyway, this afternoon, I popped out to the post office. When I got back, I was shocked to hear talking in the living room even though I had left the house empty. My immediate thought was buglers. I wasn't sure what to do so crept into the hallway and peeped through the crack in the living room door (which was partly open).
Through the gap, I could see that the television was on and laying on the settee was Bonnie - watching the snooker! Beside her was the remote. I don't watch TV in the daytime so she must have sat on it and turned it on. Of course, I had forgotten to shut the door when I went out.
Needless to say - her step brother Bobby was on the other settee watching too.
I give up!
The good news is another sale to fiction Feast.