Unexpected things happen in our life, just like what happened to me. I didn't expect it but it's flattering.

Every time I write a blog post of an event I really don't care much whether there are lots of people reading my blog or just quite a few but my intention is to let others read or see things how I see it. I didn't expect that some people are actually reading my blog. An evident of that is there are a handful of comments and I'm amazed. I even asked my husband, “how come that they can read my blogs.” So I'm just wondering and I didn't expect that there are readers who will give time to read my blogs.

Most of the blog posts that I feature are entertainment, next is food, and anything under the sun. Hahaha. Basically it is because I almost blog anything.

Well, there some comments that they like my blog and some are even asking for the schedule of some artist and how they can reach those artist that I have featured. I am very happy with these comments there were also some others who are just reading my blog because of their idols or favorite actors and actresses.

Last Month, a very unexpected personal message pop into my Facebook account. The message came from a lady and she said that she like reading my blog and she found out through my articles that I am a sponsored child before, without any hesitation she immediately ask me to join their activity with their sponsored children in an out of town setting, an advocacy, a campaign and a visit to one of the communities that they are sponsoring.

I am really happy for that instance, I am glad that she like my writings and wanted me to be part of the activity. I am so excited, because in my simple way and because of their invite I can give joy to those sponsored children.

I was once a sponsored child that had fulfilled a dream of finishing my studies and now I will give back the happiness to those sponsored children.

Just wait for my next post about my out of town advocacy.