Sing The Night Away at Karaoke Republic

Bonding moment is very essential in our life. Filipinos are really looking for some bonding session to feel that they are spending enough time for the family, relatives, friends and others.

Most of the bonding session that the Filipinos known for is the singing session (KTV). We all know that we are really loves to sing, and aside on singing the very well know bonding moments is while eating.

Singing and eating are the best way to mingle, to enjoy the company and to have fun while you are with them.

I've been in some KTV Bar, but this KTV bar is new to me. This was the first time I've visited this place. After having relaxation and food trip it was time for some music. The Karaoke Republic is the name of the place. A unique and intriguing place which you'll know in a bit of this post.

Karaoke Republic is intriguing because of the names of their room. Their room names matches the musical terms in singing. Some of the names are New Zingland which came from the country New Zealand, Yeah-Men from Yemen, Sing-apore from Singapore, Cantada which is Canada, Great Biritain which is the Great Britain, and a whole lot more which sound cute and interesting from the names of each country in the world. It's like having a world tour.

Of course they are not just good names but also with good music and sound system. They have Stand Alone KTV system, wifi accessible and of course more to come to provide more enjoyment for everybody.

The fun starts at 3 PM and they got some cool promos like the Ladies Night on Mondays which is a buy 1 take 1 on Alcopop drinks and Cocktail pitchers, on Tuesdays they got the Bachelor's Night which offers a buy 5 take 5 promo on selected beers, they also got buffet packages which is good big crowds like 30 pax. With their set of promos and packages it is for sure that customers will keep on coming back.

for group of 5
Php1,998.00 net
3 Hours KTV Experience

Set 1
Republic Chicken
French Fries
1 Toasted Bread Platter

Set 2
Crispy Pata
Bangus Sisig
Pancit Cantos
Rice Platter

Set 3
Shrimp Tempura
Vegetable Tempura
Tuna Sashimi
California Maki

Set 4
15 Juice Drinks, Softdrinks or any local beer
Plus French Fries
Set 1, 2 & 3 are inclusive of 5 Softdrinks, juices r local beers.

for group of 10
Php2,998.00 net
3 Hours KTV Experience

Set 1
Whole Chicken
2 Chosuey Platter
3 Sizzling Sisig
2 Lumpiang Shanghai
2 Plain Rice Platter

Set 2
Crispy Pata
2 Mix Veg. In White Sauce
2 Pancit Canton, Bihon or Sotanghon
2 Pusit Ala Pobre
2 Plain Rice Platter

Set 3
1 Mix Tempura Platter
2 Mix Veg. In White Sauce
2 Tuna Sashimi
2 Tuna Sisig
2 Plain Rice Platter

10 Drinks (your choice of local beers, juices or softdrinks)

for group of 10
Php2,998.00 net
3 Hours KTV Experience

Set A
Cocktail Package
4 Pitchers of your choice: Weng-weng, Margarita, Screwdriver, Iced Tea or Juices

Set B
Beer Package
24 Bottles of local beer

Set C
Keep Bottle Package
Choice of 1:
2 Bottles of Red Wine
Tequila Bottle Regular
Vodka Bottle Regular

Inlcusive of
1 Whole Chicken & French Fries Platter

for group of 15
Php4,998.00 net
4 Hours KTV Experience

Set 1
2Pizza Republic
2 Family Nachos
2 French Fries Platter
2 Pancit Canton, Bihon or Sotanghon
2 Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Set 2
2 Republic Chicken
2 Meat Sauce Spaghetti Platter
2 Breaded Cheesestick
2 Lumpiag Shanghai
2 Sizling Mushroom

25 Drinks:
(Your Choice of Beer, Juices or Softdrinks)

Aside from the good music and drinks they also offer good foods for everyone and also for those who are called AFP or Ang Food lang Pinunta. I think one set of their packages are already good for the whole barkada.

So if you want to visit Karaoke Republic just visit their place at 35 Timog Ave., Quezon City or call them at 352-1290 / 352-3994 for inquiry or to make your reservations.