Ina Kapatid Anak

Watching teleseryes ahead of their scheduled airing was something that gives us an edge, not only to boast around but more time for realization and learnings. As I am writing this article about my experience in watching the first five episodes of the teleserye “Ina Kapatid Anak”, a thought flashed into my head. The story of the first five episodes have indeed touched many issues not only individually but also in the society.

If you have seen the first five episodes perhaps you've already known what are those issues. I think the story is brilliant for having a story line like this though I might say that there's still the usual conflict of the powerful and the poor.

It was an inspiring, in time, and an uplifting story, especially for the mothers. It shows different moral stories that we can learn from, being a mother, being a sibling, and being a child. The story also touches the side of the fathers which is also great to know that they have shown the good and the bad side of a father.

Since the teleserye had already been aired what have you somehow learned and realized from this moment. Did the story touches your heart or does it represents you or you confirm that the story is something close to your own side of story? What ever your reactions are I'm very much sure that we all can relate about the story since the main thrust of the story line is about family.

If you have seen the first five days of the teleserye that's really great because you've seen the first good part of the emotions and for those who hasn't better catch it. Perhaps there's more to learn and more to expect from the story.