Mama Grand Comes To Visit...

Friends, I love when Mama Grand comes to visit.

 I take her around to see the sights, eat some great food, and go shopping, of course!  This time, we took our shopping urges to the the Textile Discount Outlet in Pilsen.  Mama Grand was SO EXCITED/HORRIFIED when she found the same fabric that had covered my parents' first couch and chair set.  It was seriously awful stuff - the colors of pea soup and wheat on burlap fabric.  We had a great laugh about that :)

Oh, and I totally made her and her friend cowls to wear around town.  (I've updated my Ravelry page - yay!)

 I found some AMAZING remnants there - the blue satin will be a skirt and the white satin will be the bow blouse from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing.

 The wool plaid will be pants, and the denim will probably be made into some Thurlow trousers.

 The embroidered upholstery fabric will be a sheath dress (of course), and the brown pinstripe will be made into pants for work. 


I also took my Mom and her best friend to tea at the Lobby of the Peninsula.  In short, it was amazing.

 I had the most delicious chai tea, and the food was positively glorious!

 The cream puff dessert was possibly my favorite...

 because of the delicious little surprise inside :)

 It was a wonderful experience to share with my Mom, and I will definitely treasure it for always.  Now I just have to think of a way to top it when she comes to visit next!

We also went to the Robie House in Hyde Park, which was interesting.  I'm not much of an architecture buff, but I can appreciate the skill and talent that Frank Lloyd Wright had.

Pizza for lunch, Chicago-style, of course... and lots of menu coloring.

We polished off our weekend with a trip to Quest Theatre's Male Order Brides.  Chicagoans, this was high quality theatre, very well done, and FREE!  We enjoyed our melodrama and popcorn throwing, though some of us got more into it than others...

I got popcorn dumped on me twice during the first act.  The villain was not going to get a chance in the second act, you know what I'm saying?

Sunday arrived and Mama Grand departed - Love you, Mama Grand!! Come back and see me soon :)

  I was able to get some sewing down before the weekend ended, so expect to see pictures of my new trousers if Blogger stops hating on me!  Have a marvelous day, all :)