Movie Review Just one summer

A few days ago I get a chance to watch an unusual love story.  It's not a typical romance movie where you can find cute love story of a couple but a love story that is unique because of its lightness.  No heavy drama and not too much comedy.  It just got the right amount of emotional mixes.

The movie is entitled "Just One Summer" where things happened during that particular summer in a typical Pinoy country side setting.   A place where farming is the source of income.  "Just One Summer" not just tells the story of romantic love but also about family.  The different family relations. 

Though the story is just light, the main characters portrayed by Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne San Jose came out just perfectly nice.   The story was an open-end where you can continuously think of different endings.

The movie was produced by GMA Films under the direction of Mac Alejandre, “Just One Summer".