30:60 Projects 17 & 18: Gingham Gone Wild

Friends, I love gingham.  It always reminds me of Wizard of Oz, which I hold in a special little pocket in my heart.  When my grandmother passed on a scrap of gingham to me, I managed to eke out a Sorbetto (#17)...

...but I hated it.  It was entirely too stiff, the darts were all over the place, and it felt so restricting that I pulled it off almost immediately.  I was sad by my reaction to it, especially since I had invested time in adding piping to the neckline and lace seam binding to the hem.

As I was bemoaning the loss of the gingham, I managed to glance over and see my very well worn black flats.  I'm very hard on shoes, and the insoles usually go first.  The brown and blue spots are glue and foam from the original insoles.  It occurred to me that I could probably create my own insoles if I wanted...

...and so I did (#18). Sandwiched between two layers of gingham are two scrap pieces of a t-shirt. The majority of the t-shirt had been turned into yarn a few weeks ago, and the remainder adds a bit more cushion to the insoles - they feel marvelous.  Granted, I'm not gellin', but these will work just fine and will stop scaring the cleaning lady who likes to organize my shoes under my work desk.  (She does that at least once a week. I want to leave her a treat - I'm thinking sachets.)

The insoles took me a total of ten minutes to complete.  They are removable and reversible so I can definitely wash these and keep using them until they fall apart! I want to make a tutorial for this because that would be a great excuse to make more of these delightful insoles :) 

Happy Friday, all!