Another Shopping Escapade at SM City Sta Mesa

Shopping is really really fun especially with your Family. I am with my eldest son Maki and my husband who is also hunting for discounted undergarments for him. This time my youngest son Gelo is not with us because of the rain, we cannot bring him because of the weather.

So here we go again, hunting for some stuff at SM City Sta. Mesa, of course those discounted ones.  There are lots of things to choose from different brand of clothes.  Just can't decide at once which one to buy.

Since it's rainy season, i just want something applicable for the season.  On my mind, I want a short and a t-shirt. Hunting there, hunting here with my son's hyperactivity which makes it hard to look around and focus on which to buy until my husband got his stuff immediately.  He was really fast when buying things for himself.

This time, I take note to myself to finish my shopping early because my husband's forehead will be frowning like a senior citizen.  First, I got the t-shirt with a print of "Kikay" and "Suplada". I need to fit it first before I choose the better one.  I thought there were lines in the cashier but got surprised that the line in the fitting room quite long. So I waited. 

My fashion advisers are with me, I asked both my husband and my kid which is better, well, they choose the purple t-shirt with a print of "suplada",  because it reflects my self.   Hahaha!  According to some I looked like a "suplada" (snobbish)  girl and according to my husband as well.   Take note, I got that t-shirt for only Php174 with an original price of PhP348.  It is a 50% off, great choice, right?

Then I went to the short denim section,  which I got one.  Tried it on me and when my son saw me wearing the t-shirt and the short he said "Wow Mommy your sexy!"  LOL, that's my son!  The amount of denim short is PhP399.75 I got it for only Php250.00, Isn't thrifty enough?

Well, I got quite an apparel already for about PhP 424.   That's for the t-shirt and short denim.   Since I still got some few more to spend, together with my son and my husband we went to the toy section and got our youngest son with a shape sorter.  This would be great because my son enjoys toys very much.


It's a great experience again enjoying the value of money and the stylish apparel that we could get on sales like this.  So, the next time that SM City Sta. Mesa will have another sale like this, better be alert and don't miss it.

See you for the next shopping galore.