Precious One

The A in my life. A stands for Anarc Makisig Demo, my eldest son. My precious son, it took 2 years of waiting before our precious one (my eldest son) arrived. We encountered lots of struggle before he came to us. There are times that we were questioned why I can’t bear a child because of that we consulted an OB-gyne just to know the reason why. God really made us went to the OB-gyne for us to know that I had a small cyst on my right ovary and the other reason why I can bear a child at that moment is because the other ovary is a polycystic ovary, it means that egg cells cannot easily fertilized. After months of medication, our greatest wish was granted! I’m pregnant! Really I am! In a bible verse: "there’s a proper time for everything."

As the years passed our precious one had grown and is now going to celebrate his 4th birthday this coming October 2011. We are so blessed to have our son. I’m enjoying more this days because he is now attending school. He is a nursery student in a school near our place. I and my husband are alternately teaching our son every night on his lessons in school and his assignments. Since we miss going to school, teaching our son somewhat compensate the feeling of going to school again.
Our precious one is so very happy with his baby brother now…My G in my life…soon…