My Loves

My Loves…

Well, let me introduce first the MAG of my life. First is the letter M stands for Marco my husband.
He is the true blogger for me and I admire him and support him into blogging, well, I guess that’s why I’m into blogging now, because of his influence.

Photo courtesy of Agem

This year we are going to celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary. Whoo…6 years!!! I just remembered that we’ve been 6 ½ years as a boyfriend girlfriend status when we decided to get married. Just to summarize, we’ve been together for almost 12 years…12 years of making a fool with each other…just kidding. Well, we really love each other, because we are very supportive to each other, his my best friend, his a good daddy for our kids, and his my loves.

My Loves, that’s what we call each other when we were boyfriend and girlfriend…sounds sweet? Yeah!! That’s super sweet every time I hear that phrase from him. At first I wanted to call him Pards (he doesn’t like it), I guess because it was not good to hear that kind of word, it’s just like talking to someone that is not your boyfriend. Then that My loves was changed when we were engaged. My loves before….now daddy….until we get married and ‘till now I use to call him Daddy or in short Dy!!!

We are blessed to have 2 cute and wonderful sons. My A and my G of my life…wait till my next post…