Me Made June comes to an end....

Well, Friends, it's been a delightful journey of only wearing things I have altered/refashioned/made.  I got a little twitchy at the end to wear other things to work, but I stuck with it the whole time. Yay!  I wore the embellished sweater almost every single day and my favorite item to come out of the challenge was the refashioned khaki skirt.  It will be used regularly, I can tell.

Day 27:  I forgot to take a picture so I drew you one.

 In my picture, I am wearing my Roman Holiday blouse and choir girl turned secretary skirt.

This is me longing for my jeans...

...and then sucking it up.  I can finish the challenge strong!

Day 29: Wearing my unrequited love blouse and my new polka dot skirt... and sitting on the rug that used to cover our floor.  We are officially in packing mode... I've been trying to sort fabric to take with me to our sublet, but I want to take it all. This is a problem.

And finally, Day 30. I'm wearing the blouse seen here and my cankle khaki skirt.
 Ah, Cutting for are such an awesome book.

I will be really glad not to have to take pictures of myself everyday :)  I'm sure Rob will be glad as well since he'll actually get to sleep until it's time for him to wake up ... rather than waking up to me poking him with a camera.

Have a great night, all! And thanks for all of your support this month - you are uber fabulous :)