I Really Love Celebrating My Birthday...

even when it is not my birthday.

I tend to buy myself birthday presents all year long and justify it by saying it's for my birthday.  Which comes in mid July.  So, this year, for my day of days,  I have purchased:

-this t-shirt

-a tiny Tardis

-two single day tickets to see Coldplay play at Lollapalooza (OMGFREAKINGOUTCANNOTWAIT)

...and patterns.  What patterns you ask?  Well, Friends, Vogue/Butterick/McCalls was having a sale!  I've waited oh so patiently for their really big sale to come around, and just when I was about to give up, shabam!

Vogue 1239 (I have been eyeing this pattern for quite some time now...)

Vogue 8728 (green silk jersey, here I come!)

Vogue 1241 (I may make this dress in every color of the rainbow)

McCalls 5006 (I need some cute things to wear with sleeveless dresses to ward off the air conditioning chill at work)

Butterick 5638 (love that neckline)

Butterick 4685 (I would love to tuck this into a flowered skirt and go frolicking across the fields)

McCalls 6408 (Because it's never too early to prepare for the awful Chicago winter)

Butterick 5662 (I gave in and bought it.  No idea what to do with it now.)

and Vogue 8701 (I need to make the dress in a lovely plaid.  This must happen)

Happy early birthday to moi :)  Now, which one to make to wear on my birthday?  Decisions, decisions...

Do you buy yourself presents?  Let me know - we could start a club!

Have a fabulous day, all!