In which Refashioning Week comes to an end...

Well, Friends, it's been a hectic week but I got my refashions done on time! I just didn't have time to take pictures while hanging out with Mama Grand.  Here are my belated refashion photos:

I made a skirt out of the pillowcase from the same sheet set that this dress and this top came from...
and the black knit shrug came from the shirt remnants seen here.

Needless to say, I am super comfy and totally excited about my new items :)

Mama Grand headed home today, but we had a hella good time while she was here.  Once I returned home from work on Friday, I took my Me Made June pictures while getting a salad together.

I'm wearing my tee shirt refashion and my Grass is Greener skirt... and possibly polishing off the bottle of rhubarb wine.  (The wine is from Lynfred Winery - totally delicious - check them out here)

Yes, I am wearing a Tardis apron.

 Crackers + goat cheese + quince paste = Deliciousness.


Friday night, we went out to see New Leaf Theatre's "Lighthousekeeping." Loved it!  It's at a small theatre in the Loop if anyone of you lovely Midwesterners are passing through.

After that, onto Cesar's for dinner and killer margaritas.  I got Mango.  Epic, ya'll.  It matched my Ultimate Summer Dress. Tres matchy matchy.

Saturday, we went to the Randolph Street Festival and the White Elephant. Then we went to the Wiener Circle for Chicago style hot dogs and for some insults.  I got criticized by the staff for only wanting ketchup. 

I love hot dogs.  I managed to keep the ketchup off of my dress, thank goodness, because this dress is slowly disintegrating on the inside.  Oh, sewing gods, send me a serger!

At the White Elephant, I snagged this coat.  For a $1.  It was on the designer rack, but had a green tag.  And the green tags were on special.  I realize I'm going to have to pack it and put it in storage before I can ever wear it, but it was a $1!  I could not resist.

I also snagged some other goodies at the Randolph Street Fest:
Two books (love Memoir of a Geisha - I must have read this a hundred times), some buttons, some iron on applique (crazy looking ice cream cones, golf clubs, and Bugs Bunny), some epic fringe, and some lovely ribbon with yellow and orange butterflies.

Today we dropped Mama Grand at the bus station (and waited til she was safely on, of course), then headed home.  I napped (are we surprised?  Not really).  Woke up, got dressed, then off to a burlesque show!
It was most fabulous.  This is my most fabulous friend who dances wonderfully!


Have a fabulous night, all!