A Perfect Sunday picnic on Baker's Island

We are now back in Waterloo after a wonderful visit to Maine and Little Cranberry Island. It is hard to believe that exactly a week ago we experienced a very special outing with Bruce and Barb. We were delighted when they suggested that we pack a picnic lunch of lobster sandwiches and take Bruce's boat, the "Barbara Ann" over to nearby Baker's Island. It was a beautiful sunny day and although the winds were a little high, we decided to venture out to this special place. We gathered together our picnic supplies and headed for the Islesford dock.

Bruce rowed his skiff out to the "Barbara Ann" and picked us up at the dock.

Along the way, Barb pointed out some special places on the island such as her family's island home where she spent many happy childhood summers.

Bruce anchored the "Barbara Ann" and we took turns getting a ride in the skiff to the shore of Baker's Island.

After dragging the skiff high onto the shore, we headed off across the island. No one else was there so we had the whole place to ourselves. We walked past a group of old, abandoned houses and saw one of the oldest lighthouses in the area. If only these houses could tell us the stories of the people who lived there!

After a beautiful walk through a wooded area, we arrived on the other side of the island and found a perfect picnic area amongst the huge slabs of rose granite-the "dancing stones".

We all enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch and had fun trying to capture the perfect picture of waves splashing on the rocks.

As we walked back to the boat, Barb shared stories and special memories of times spent with friends on Baker's Island through the years.

On the way home, Bruce showed us how he pulls his lobster traps. The trap he pulled had one lobster in it. He showed us how he measures the size and determined that this lobster was a "keeper!"

What an incredible day! Really, quintessential Maine! What a gift to get a glimpse of lobster fishing and island life! Thanks, Bruce and Barb!