The Birdhouses of Birdland

As you stroll around Birdland, you will notice birdhouses of many shapes, sizes, and colors. They add to the whimsical magic of the garden and can be found peeking out from a variety of tree trunks. What makes these birdhouses even more fun is knowing that they have been painted and decorated by various guests who have visited Birdland. Ruth and John have a fun tradition of asking visitors to paint a birdhouse while they are here and to choose a tree or location where their birdhouse will hang.

When Angie and I first visited Birdland three years ago, we were given our own birdhouses to paint and decorate.

It was great fun to playfully paint with bright colors and to see our birdhouses come to life!
My birdhouse after painting....

And Angie's....

It brought a big smile to our faces when we went for a walk the other day and found our birdhouses, three years later, still happily hanging in the wooded area near the house.

Not bad for three years later! I love the tradition of birdhouse painting here. It's nice to imagine those little birdhouses in the woods of Birdland when we are far away in Ontario and to know that a "little piece" of us remains here until we visit again!