Ten Things We Have Learned From Harold

Angie and I have been taking care of Harold, Ruth and John's parrot for a week now. We had some time before they left to learn about Harold's routines, his personality, and his likes and dislikes. We are all getting to know and trust each other a little more each day, and each day, this little being finds a bigger place in our hearts. Harold has already taught us a lot of life lessons this week. Here are ten things we've learned from him so far...

1. A diet of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds keeps you very healthy.
2. Singing with your friends puts you in a good mood - so does whistling a tune - so does taking a little nap in the afternoon...AND a shower will make you feel downright perky!
3. Cartoons can teach you all kinds of things (especially the ones on PBS). They just might encourage you to "go go go go...on an adventure!!!" (inspirational quote from "the Cat in the Hat")
4. If your food falls on the floor, don't worry about it!
5. If you're lonely, call someone and say "Hello!"
6. Looking at something upside down can give you a whole new perspective on things!
7. Some days you just have to squawk more than others.
8. Take time to chat every day at cocktail hour-and DON'T forget the cashews!
9. If your feathers get ruffled, pluck them.
10. At the end of the day, remind those you love how good they are, and don't forget to include yourself. You are a good boy, Harold. We love you!