Fall-O-Ween Day 3: Tastes

Gudrun and Sandy had awesome posts and even more awesome designs for their special day. I'm lucky to be in such great company. Today, Roseann Kermes is sharing her thoughts on tastes of fall. Hop over to see her surprise for you. I'm sure that it will be a wonderful treat!
For me, I enjoy Halloween a lot because of the fun that you can have with it. I'm not so into the gore of the festivities but more the fun and silliness that goes along with the holiday. Having kids in elementary school gives me the opportunity to get really silly and to test the ideas out on them.

Yesterday, I got busy making the things that I like to make during fall and especially Halloween. First up, do you remember the cranberry-banana loaf and the tags that I introduced you to at the last blog hop? I made a loaf yesterday and it was the best one yet. Yum! I also updated the tags and the colors of the tags to reflect a Halloween theme. Check them out.

Ooooh, witches, wizards and zombies. What do you serve them when they come to the door in search of a party? Why, some spirits, of course!

Add some sprite, throw in some gummy worms, and top it with a cranberry-flavored ice cube that's shaped like a skull and some pumpkin-flavored Pop Rocks! Yum! Watch out though because there's a lot of pop and fizz going on.

For the less adventurous, the wizard has kindly brewed three of his favorite flavors of hot chocolate. So delicious. Do you think that the guests will choose white mocha, hot chocolate, or the orange Halloween hot chocolate?

What do you do when they're hungry? I think that some dragon's snot is in order. It is a delicacy you know, on account of the fact that dragon's are a scarcity. Oops, I think that this dragon lost some of its brains too.

If you can't find the real thing then you can make your own concoction. Just add some mint chocolate ice cream to your lemon-lime soda, drizzle some syrup and add some gummy brains. That'll do it.
Some of the witches and wizards may have lost their wands. We can help them out by lending them ours. Ours are yummy pretzel sticks with chocolate and sprinkles on top!

Oh dear. The guests don't like our offerings thus far? Well, here's something that's sure to satisfy their hunger pangs. We had to find a few crocodiles for these. Not an easy task indeed! Can't find any crocodiles, you say? Well, try this recipe, cover it with white chocolate instead, and add a gummy Lifesaver, chocolate center and some icing.
When it's time to go though, your guests will need to take some treats with them just in case they get hungry along the way. These specimens will fill their tummies.

Rat bones, eyeballs and worms are oh so delicious!!

For us humans, we also love green curry and shrimp soup. It's a rich soup made with coconut milk, shrimp, green curry paste and basil.

These awesome cookies that our friend, Jenn makes over at here look so delicious too. Do you have any special treats that you like to feed your ghoulish guests or what are your family favorites?

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Hop over to all of the other blogs to see what they're up to today. Gudrun, Sandy, Terri, Kari, , Heather, Carrie, RoseannTerry and Pat are sure to tempt you with their treats!
xo, L