Special Things

How's your summer? It's going so fast! I think that I am having panic attacks because school will be back in session, and everything is going to be crazy, crazy, crazy. Plus, Quilt Market will be upon us again. Oh, dear! I have been doing designing stuff that I hope to show you in a few weeks and am working hard at putting it together. I have been mulling over changes and direction for a long time now. The ideas are coming together and I'll be getting my act together soon. I've also volunteered myself to teach some classes on re-purposing, knitting and scrapbooking/journaling at my kids' school for their enrichment program. I'm still in the planning stages of the classes but I'm hopeful and looking forward to the fun.

There's been so much activity around here! There was camp, summer rec, and many, many big special moments. My big guy just had a birthday!

Hubby and I celebrated a big anniversary!

My girlfriend Colleen celebrated a big birthday! Happy birthday!! My other girlfriend, Joanne, celebrated a big birthday too! Happy birthday, girls! It was a girls night out. I think that was special in itself!

My high school pal, Nancy and her family visited NJ. She and her hubby celebrated a bigger anniversary than mine and even got to kiss under the new statue in NYC the first day the statue was revealed!


There were everyday special moments too. Our visit to Pittsburgh to visit our friend Emily was a blast.

Catching our first fish was so fun too!

Now it's time to sit back, relax and blow some bubbles. Soon it will be back to school. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Fall is just around the corner and I'm sure that we'll make some more special memories.
xo, L