My New Obsession

First off, I love living in Chicago. The thrift stores here blow away any I might have encountered in Ohio. My boyfriend and I went into one on the North Side, and he spots this:

A Singer sewing machine, complete with cabinet that it tucks into when it needs to sleep at night. (Sorry - I didn't get a picture of the cabinet, but I will post one soon). My boyfriend talks me into buying it, since we don't have much room at each of our places and we are trying to move in together. After plugging it in and seeing it work beautifully, I bought it. Price tag for the amazing sewing machine and cabinet: $15!!!!

Secondly, I love the internet. Where else could we find out the machine was made in June of 1950 in New Jersey?? (Thanks to my boyfriend for hunting that information down). Even better, we found the manual for the sewing machine online:

While I haven't gotten to sew with it yet, we did take the time to shine it up and clean the gears. It has the most musical humming noise when running (does that sound entirely too cheesy?). My goal this weekend: sewing on said machine...or at least learning how to thread it.