Let It Snow, Let It Snow, and ...

it did! Wow, we had a huge snowstorm this past weekend. Although I didn't need to shovel the snow because we have people who come by and clean out our driveways and walkways, I did. I loved it. The boys went sledding and made snowballs. When I went to put some groceries in the freezer today, I saw two snowballs in there. They pleaded for my husband to keep them in the freezer. So funny.

Afterwards, I got down to business. I had to design the craft project for the little one's class. What do you think? I do like my snow globe ornament a lot. I hope that you're enjoying the holidays. Only a few more days and Santa's coming to town!

Thank you for the comments, e-mails and FB notes to me regarding my little guy. I really appreciated all the love!
xo, L