Historically Low Tide

On Tuesday, there was an historically low tide along the Oregon coast. My friend Laura and I left at 5am to drive to Cannon beach to check it out. We were not sure what to expect... Apparently at some beaches there were exposed shipwrecks and at others there were wildly exposed tidepools. Even though I grew up on the East coast right on the ocean, I'd never experienced anything like this! It was really breathtaking to get a glimpse at what's normally hidden far below the surface of the water. Besides the massive starfish and sea anenomes, crabs, shrimp, various little fish, clams, muscles and barnacles, I was introduced to a mysterious creature called the nudibranch (which is a basically a really gorgeous sea slug with many different varieties). We had breakfast and explored a less populated section of beach. Stopped at an antique store and ate fresh strawberries in a field of daisies. All in all, a fantastic day of adventure with Laura and her awesome dog, Moo.