Winter Sparklers & Holiday Winners!

There's a shop in the town where I live that is so inspiring. Heartstrings is a wonderful shop full of vintage gifts and their window display just sparkles! I took this the other night during our Christmas Parade. It was so magical with all of the holiday lights in the town and in the parade.

I've been having fun shopping with Little A. He loves to walk down the street and sing Jingle Bells. So off-key and yet oh so cute. Adults walking by often join in and start singing [off-key as well] with him. Thankfully I did my shopping in November. It is crazy out there.
Speaking of gifts, you didn't think that I forgot about our little contest did you? First, the technicalities. Two little judges drew slips of paper from the e-mails that were received. Then they continued to draw some more so I am including few mini-bundles for three other contestants. Drum roll please.
The winners are:
Ursula Anvil - Cool Girls Quilt book
Mary Zilg - Large bundle of fabric
Kelly Willis - Large bundle of fabric
Michelle Benton [?], sugar creek stuff - Mini-bundle of fabric
Karen Weir -Mini-bundle of fabric
Monique Harris - Mini-bundle of fabric
Please e-mail me your snail mail and I will post the items to you. Thanks so much for reading and entering the contest.