Color Makes The World Go Round

I have done a lot of "work" related projects lately and haven't been able to post much about that work. I have spent a bit of time working on a couple of things for myself recently. There was an adorable blanket hanging at The Knit Cafe when I was in Toronto and I just wanted to make one too. For some time now I have been slightly obsessed with scrumbling and piecing bits of things together [perhaps that is why I like applique]. I can crochet to some limited degree but knitting is much faster for me. The beauty of this little blanket is that it is knit while still maintaining that sort of pieced together look. Here is version one in Cascade cotton.

Then trouble started when I wandered into a new shop [well, new to me], The Knitting Lab in Bernardsville, and I fell in love with Lumpy Bumpy Yarn by Charlene by Farmhouse Yarns. If I was obsessed before, then I probably need help now. The piece came out so funky! My neighbor, Jennifer, thought that it would look nice as a scarf. I think that I am set for winter. [Update: I think that I will use these circles to make a purse. Can't make up my mind!]

I've even added to my stash [shh, don't tell my anyone!]. I ordered some of SweetGeorgia's roving and yarn. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Even though I don't wear pink much, I still love these colors.

I went to two Quilt Pink Events in my local area this weekend. What fun and the ladies did a fab job of it all. Here's Toby, owner of Kindred Quilts [] in Clinton, in front of one of the quilts that we worked on.

Later on, I dropped by Pennington Quiltworks [] to check out the Quilt Pink activities there. Another beautiful quilt. That's Jan Crane, the owner of Pennington Quiltworks, on the left.

I hope that everyone had a great time and supported your local quilt shop event!