Writing Magazine Index 2012

Most aspiring writers at some time or other will either have bought or subscribed to 'Writing Magazine' the bible for both established and wannabe writers. If you haven't, give it a read - it is packed full of advice for every writer.

Anyway, while browsing some blogs (when I should have been writing) I came across a fantastic resource on Joanne Phillips - A Writer's Journey blog.

Joanne is a self- published author of two books: a novel 'Can't Live Without' and a collection of short stories on kindle 'A Life Unpredicted'.

She also loves indexing! This is great for us hoarders who can't bear to throw the magazines away, yet lose track of what was in them. With us in mind, she has compiled an index for Writing Magazine.

This is what Julie says about her index:

"Every year I compile an index for Writing Magazine – the UK’s best magazine for all things writing. I love writing, and I love indexing, so I do this purely for fun and to provide a resource for fellow fans of the magazine. I always keep my copies, and often want to refer back to an article which has stuck in my mind. Now you don’t have to scramble though 12 editions – just download my index and you should be able to find exactly what you need."

Here is Joanne's index Writing Magazine Index 2012  (Joanne has also compiled an index for 2011)

Thank you so much, Joanne for this brilliant resource - I for one will find it invaluable.