My Birthday Celebration

Holiday celebration in our family extends until today, January 6, which is the day of the Three Kings and of course my very day.  It is indeed a very long celebration for us because we start with anniversary, birthdays then Christmas, New Year, and finally my birthday plus the Three Kings. 

Well, one of my happy day is being with my Family and for this 2013 my birthday is one of the tiring birthday that I got so far.   Celebrating my birthday with the kids exhaust me very much especially now that my kids are bigger than they used to be, they are so hyper and "makukulit", but i'm happy of that because it is a sign that they are so healthy.

As per my request and as my husband agreed, we went to Eastwood, together with my mother (Mama Lolit). I just hope that my father (Papa Tony) is with us also, but he can't do the long walk and stroll because he easily get tired (but he is not that old ha, according to Papa, LOL).  So he couldn't come with us that day.

As we walked on Eastwood, I laughed out loud, really because my youngest son Gelo did dance the Gangnam style while walking when he heard the music.  Oh, and take note there were people around that they enjoyed looking at him.  Well that's the gift of Gelo to me. Happiness!!!

Well since we're hungry and it is lunch time when we got to the place we need to munch some and also food is really part of our celebration.  So we went to Stackers and have our baked chicken and fries. Gelo and Maki enjoyed the food very much.   My Eldest son Maki enjoying eating the fries while looking/staring outside the resto. I don't know what is in his mind at that moment. It seems that my son is really grown up now. Hay, well my age adds again so what I am expecting of.  We're full as we left the Stackers.

We strolled around at Eastwood Plaza but we did not inside the mall.  My kids were happy, specially when the dancing fountain started. This is their first time at Eastwood.

After that we went to Starbucks and my kids love that Frappuccino.  I am not allowing them cold drinks when were in the house but now I can't restrain them on tasting it.  Love seeing my kids enjoyed every moment with us.

My tiring day and my happy day, yet a better celebration for my Family.  Thanks Gelo, Maki and Mama Lolit and most especially Thank you Dy, Love you.