Creating Small Things - Pocket Novels

What is a pocket novel?

This is a post in answer to Marianne's question about pocket novels. Marianne, by the way, is the author of two books The Blue Suitcase an historical novel set in Germany during World War 2 and Food of Ghosts, a crime novel with a feisty heroine set on the island of South Tarawa. She is also the owner of the excellent Writing Classes online writing course which set me on the road to writing!

In essence, a pocket novel is a novel that can be read in a day and is around 50,000 words. It is usually romantic and can include a range of genres. To quote form The Pocketeers they are 'a quick and satisfying read'.

As I do not write Pocket Novels myself, I am not an expert but there are other bloggers who are!

Sally Quilford offers excellent information regarding pocket novels on her blog. She is also a 'Pocketeer'.

The Pocketeers are a group of writers who specialise in the writing of pocket novels. Their website is a must for anyone thinking of moving on from short stories to something longer.

The two main outlets for pocket novels are My Weekly Pocket Novels and The People's Friend Pocket Novels.

  • My weekly Pocket Novel guidelines are here (Thank you Sally)
  • The People's Friend Pocket Novels guidelines are here (Thank you Pocketeers)

Also, take a look at Kate Jackson's excellent post on her blog where Maggie Seed the editor of My Weekly Pocket Novels gives a 5 step plan to writing a successful pocket novel.

This is just the bare bones and if anyone has anything to add, please do. Hope this was helpful Marianne.

One day I may be brave enough to try to write one!