Bits and Bobs

Today was one of those days that took me in a million different directions.  I swear I'm going to get things together soon but until then, here are a few pics that I have gravitated toward this week. The Carolyne Roehm image above makes me wish I had a dining room so I could set a pretty table and invite some friends over for a party. At the very least, I'm going to buy more flowers for my apartment. 

I love all the colors in this photo of model Rose Smith in Fendi and the great bust.

I just bought a vintage grey fur that needs to be remodeled so I was looking at Viviana Volpicella's coat for inspiration. The colors also go with my theme. (Photo via Wednesday Fashion.)

I love myself a quote and this 2103, This is Your Year post from The Atelier Blog is pure perfection.