Hanging Out With Knitters!

Friends, I am totally late to the game on this, but OMG KNITTERS ARE AWESOME.


Last weekend, the lovely Coppertop Doll and I went out on the town with Chicago Knitters Unite, a Meet-Up group that she had found.  Our destination:  Lorna's Laces.  We had a grand time watching dyeing demos and learning about all of the different kinds of yarns, and of course we didn't walk away empty-handed!

I picked up five skeins of the Shepherd Worsted in Waistcoat.  I had no pattern in mind, but since going through my books and Ravelry, I've settled on DROPS jumper with short sleeves.  I think it'll work for most of the year that way, and I can always add a long sleeve tee underneath for extra coverage if I need.

I also picked up a skein of the Helen's Lace, which really feels like heaven.  I smushed my face in it and knew it needed to be mine.

We saw this shawl made up while on the tour, and it was so breathtaking that I cannot wait to make one of my own.  Should I be worried that it's lace because I'm a complete beginner?  Probably, but with all the other projects I am currently queuing, this will get pushed to the back burner.

Sadly, we were both so engrossed with feeling things and watching the demos that we didn't get any pictures together!  We'll be getting together again soon and will definitely take some knitting photos then :)

On Sunday, I had the fantastic opportunity to run a 5K with the awesomesauce knitter, Liz of Zilredloh.  When we went to pick up our packets on Saturday, she showed me the MOST GORGEOUS color of yarn ever, as well as her new project.  I'm not giving out any more details other than it's going to be wonderful and I'm probably going to steal it from her.  

Back to the 5K (photos by the marvelous Felix, Liz's husband who was our cheering section)  

OK.  So Liz is super awesome, and definitely a perfect running buddy because we run the exact same pace. She also makes me laugh when she puts her foot next to mine because OMG my feet are ridiculous next to hers.  I feel like a giant.  MEG SMASH.

It was cold, friends.  My chest was hurting from breathing the cold air, my butt and toes were frozen solid, and I seriously just wanted to walk the whole thing.   Having another person beside you makes you want to keep going, and so we ran most of the way and Liz is a total rock star.  My doctor doesn't think running long distances is very good for me because I kept hurting myself, but we ran this and I wasn't feeling any normal amounts of pain in my hip.  I can definitely see myself running more 5Ks with Liz (and Felix, too!!!) one of these days ... preferably when it's a little warmer.

The most exciting part of the race is the chocolate at the end.  When I ran this race once before, THEY RAN OUT OF CHOCOLATE BEFORE I FINISHED AND I WAS PISSED.  This time was much better.  I got fondue, fruit, and hot chocolate.  Winning.

Liz, it was great running with you, and we should definitely plan on another race together in the future!

Well friends, I am off to a knit night in the city - always a fabulous time!  I am casting on my first pair of socks - squee!!!

This knitting thing is totally addicting :)