Batangas Food Fest Enjoy It In Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel

What's the most best time for mommies? Well, having a big break in a very relaxing hotel and that's what happened a few days ago, yours truly went to south together with the other bloggers for this particular event. This was my first time to visit this part of Batangas, the Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel. A very interesting place to spend a relaxing day.

Aside from the Beach which is known in the area, the hotel with great amenities, and well the most important is the food are something to look forward to when you visit this side of town. I consider food is a very important thing in spending a big break and MBH features a lot of food that they have in their buffet. This is one thing that people should look up to at MBH during peak season and if MBH have plenty of guests.

What's so interesting about MBH is that they featured two of talented participants of the recently concluded Junior Master Chef, namely Jobim Jalbuena and Tricia Baylosis. They are the highlights the Batangas Food Fest in MBH aside from featuring food delicacies of Batangas. To even highlight more the festivity a cooking demo was conducted by these two talented junior master chefs together with the other chefs of Magnolia. They presented some of their best recipes that people will surely enjoy.

Jobim Jalbuena prepared a "Binarakong Baka" a very authentic taste which Jobim includes some delicacies from Batangas. While Tricia Baylosis prepared a "Kalderetang Kambing with Couscous Rice". Oh i love this food, I am a great fan of Kaldereta menu sometimes I cook Kaldereta for my family. I'll definitely try this recipe and hoped to imitate the version of Kalderetang Kambing of Tricia. Good Luck to me! These are some foods that they will serve for the whole month of November.

Kalderetang Kambing with Couscous Rice of Tricia
(photo courtesy of Ms. Jing)

Binarakong Baka of Jobim (photo courtesy of Ms Jing)

The Deep Fried Ice Cream (photo courtesy of Ms. Jing)

Now tell me who in the world will not crave to have a dessert? I'm pretty much sure most of us loves dessert, so who loves ice cream out there?

Chef Manny of Magnolia ice cream made a little twist with the usual ice cream that we eat. This time he did a very unusual preparation of the ice cream. A sizzling ice cream and a deep fried ice cream. Very Interesting, isn't it? This is really something new for our taste buds, imagine Chef Manny use a sizzling plate for the preparation of the ice cream. A very delicious food with an unusual preparation. Well I couldn't really explain more so you better catch it by visiting MBH to personally taste it because it is exclusively available only in MBH.

Aside from the sizzling ice cream, another hot preparation of ice cream was made and this time the ice cream was fried and not only just fried but deep fried. I'm sure your thoughts are already working and thinking how they do it. Well, they rolled an ice cream ball on some plenty of bread crumbs and together with the other ingredients, then have it fried on hot oil in just a few seconds, and presto, a deep fried ice cream.

A very different kind of ice cream only at Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel.

After the Batangas Food Fest in MBH, we were given an opportunity to go around the beach, experienced the beautiful place, the amenities and go around the resort. I can say we did have a great time.  It's an experience that personally I'll cherish very much.

For peak months, Matabungkay Beach Hotel is offering Buffet for only Php300/pax and for this whole month of November the food that you see up there are all available.  So, what are you waiting for? visit Matabungkay Beach Hotel…BOOK NOW!!!

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I would also like to take this great opportunity to give my thanks to Ms. Charley Leviste Antonio the owner of Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Ms. Wendy Jalbuena for having us in this wonderful place.  We had fun and we enjoyed our stay in Matabungkay Beach Hotel.