Astroplus Blog-Connect, Bloggers and Brand Converge

Though it was a fine Saturday, a mom needs to attend some family matters. So in order to get connected with brands in the Astroplus Blog-Connect my correspondent Jefferson Montas aka Justin do the listening for me.

There were few bloggers that I know present in this event. For having been attending as correspondent for some of the events, I was able to get to know some bloggers as well. This is my first time to be in an event filled with different brands, though the person I'm corresponding to have joined the first one. I just don't know what her experience was, but for me this is something new. So I'm expecting for something to learn and get to know more from these brands.

I was tasked to partake in the Music and Movies Block. Gladly, since I like music and movies as well. So there was I mingled with some of the people that I know and of course munched as well on the food present in the event. It was sumptuous! Thank you for that Astroplus. Heading on with the story. The event was held in Astroplus branch in Podium according to some other bloggers this was way larger than the first one and much cozier.

Astroplus welcomed as all and introduced Astroplus itself and the blogger partners Azrael Colladilla and Mike Soon. They teamed up to bring this Astroplus Blog-Connect event.

To give a short information about Astroplus, Astroplus a company that brings to the public the best of the entertainment lifestyle experience and of course to the rest of the world and that's according to their Facebook page. Hahaha!

The Music and Movie block was the first to listen to presentations of the music and movie brands. They are the companies or brands that distributes these music and movies in the country. They are the ones who has the license to distribute and sell. So, to make it short they all are originals no pirated copies. So what are the companies or brands that presented their line of upcoming releases? Well, the MagnaVision, Ivory Music & Video, Sony Music, C Interactive and Warner Music. They all showed their line of what to expect these coming days and up to next year.

Inline with the music category most of companies are sure going to release something for this holiday season. Some of them like the “The Classic Christmas Album” of Barry Manilow and “Heavenly Christmas” by Jackie Evancho. Of coursed there were some of the much awaited release of artist and some of these are “Up All Night: The Souvenir Edition” and “Take Me Home” by One Direction, “#3” by the Scripts, “The Truth About Love” by Pink, “Hello” by Karmin, “Lotus” by Christina Aguilera, “Great Hits – Chapter One” by Kelly Clarkson, “Bad 25” and “Live at Wembly” by Michael Jackson, “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys, “Global Warming” by Pitbull, “Looking 4 Myself” by Usher, “Fortune” by Chris Brown and “Two Eleven” by Brandy. Whew! That's a lot of music to watch out for.

With the movie category there are quite some releases from the movie distributing companies like “The Hobbit”, “Django, Unchained”, “GI Joe”, “Total Recall”, “Resident Evil: Retribution”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Men With the Iron Fists”, “Premium Rush”, “That's My Boy”, “The Dictator”, and a whole lot more. It will be a long list if I put them all here so these are just some of the movies that you'll be expecting to be released in of course you're number one place to shop for good movies Astroplus.

The Prizes
Though some of the presentations weren't as good as I thought, it was by the way compensated by the ones that they are releasing. Perhaps next time the presentor should have something of a gimmick to make the presentation livelier. With those releases and upcoming we are sure going to expect it. So for the readers out there get the latest soon. Hopefully next time I'll be corresponding again. .

Thanks to Astroplus, Azrael and Mike it was an informative event. To all the brands thank you. You made us informed!